“Continued Strange Thefts in Bihar: Entire Pond Disappears, Replaced by Hut in Darbhanga District”

Mysterious Disappearance: Bihar's Bizarre Theft Spree Continues with Vanishing Pond

In yet another baffling turn of events in Bihar, the Darbhanga district witnessed the enigmatic disappearance of an entire pond, leaving locals astounded and authorities scrambling for answers. This peculiar incident, involving the apparent theft of a publicly-owned water body, has once again shed light on the audacious activities of land mafia in the region.

The pond, once a communal space cherished for fishing and various recreational activities, vanished without a trace, replaced by the sudden appearance of a hut. The startling discovery prompted locals to alert the authorities, only to find the alleged culprits—the land mafia—had absconded by the time law enforcement arrived at the scene.

Initial reports suggest that the mafia, eyeing the burgeoning land prices in Darbhanga, orchestrated the pond’s disappearance by surreptitiously filling it with soil. Despite previous complaints to authorities regarding the illegal pond-filling activities, the mafia continued their operations under the cover of darkness, swiftly completing the task within a mere 10-15 days.

Amit Kumar, the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO), confirmed the clandestine nature of the operation, highlighting that officials had previously intervened, seizing some items. However, the mafia persisted, carrying out their activities under the veil of night until the pond was entirely obliterated.

This incident adds to Bihar’s roster of perplexing thefts, marking a pattern of audacious criminal exploits. Notably, previous incidents include the brazen theft of an entire diesel engine, pilfered part by part from a railway yard in Begusarai. The perpetrators, using a tunnel to access the yard, gradually dismantled and absconded with the entire engine, initially brought in for repairs.

Similarly, earlier that year in Rohtas district, a staggering 60-foot bridge disappeared without a trace. The audacious act, orchestrated by a group of individuals utilizing JCBs and gas cutters, resulted in the bridge’s vanishing act within a mere three days. Authorities managed to apprehend eight individuals, including a government officer, recovering substantial amounts of stolen iron channels.

These extraordinary thefts, while confounding, underscore the challenges faced by authorities in curbing such audacious criminal activities. The disappearance of communal assets like ponds and bridges not only perplexes locals but also highlights the audacity and organization of criminal elements operating in the region.

As investigations continue into the vanishing pond incident in Darbhanga, authorities remain vigilant, aiming to apprehend those responsible for these bizarre and daring thefts plaguing the state of Bihar.

The strange disappearance of a pond, once a community hub, stands as a testament to the audacious exploits of criminal elements, leaving authorities and residents alike searching for answers in the wake of these mysterious events.

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