“Army Officer Dies After 8 Years in Coma from Kupwara Incident”

Lieutenant Colonel Succumbs After 8-Year Battle Following Injuries in Kupwara Ops

In a poignant culmination to a resilient battle against grave injuries sustained in the line of duty, Lieutenant Colonel Karanbir Singh Natt, 47, passed away after an eight-year struggle in a coma. His valiant fight came to an end at the Military Hospital in Jalandhar, where he had been under intensive care since being rendered comatose by a bullet wound during a counter-insurgency operation near the Line of Control (LoC) in Kupwara.

The indomitable officer, a recipient of the Sena Medal, encountered the life-altering injury on November 22, 2015, when a bullet pierced his jaw during a high-stakes operation at Haji Naka village, merely seven kilometers from Kupwara’s LoC. Swiftly airlifted to the Army Hospital Research and Referral in New Delhi, his critical condition necessitated subsequent care at Jalandhar’s military hospital from 2018 onwards, where dedicated army medics and his devoted family undertook unwavering efforts to aid his recovery.

Lt Col Natt, a former member of the 22 Punjab renowned for his service during the 1971 War in the Shakargarh ‘Bulge’ sector and battles against the Mizoram insurgency, displayed unwavering resilience throughout his protracted ordeal. His family, including his 79-year-old father, Colonel Jagtar Singh Natt (retd), wife Navpreet Kaur, and daughters Guneet (19) and Ashmeet (9), maintained a steadfast vigil by his side, nurturing hopes for his eventual recovery.

Colonel Natt, reflecting on his son’s courageous fight, expressed profound admiration for Lt Col Natt’s determination, emphasizing the ceaseless battle he waged with valor and fortitude. “For eight years, the family was following the same routine of visiting him every day and talking to him for hours despite knowing that he would not listen and speak. We were socially disconnected in these years as the family had not attended a single social gathering in the past years,” he lamented.

Originally from Dhadiala Natt village near Batala in Gurdaspur district, the Natt family relocated to Jalandhar for Lt Col Natt’s intensive medical care. Commissioned as a Short Service Commission officer in The Brigade of Guards in 1998, he exemplified bravery during the Kargil War in 1999, leading a missile platoon. After 14 years of service, he retired in 2012 before assuming the role of the second-in-command (2IC) of the 160 Territorial Army (JAK Rifles) and previously served in the 19th Battalion of the Brigade of the Guards.

Colonel Natt, in reverence for his son’s commitment to the armed forces, reflected, “The love for olive always fascinated my son and he attained martyrdom after eight years. Being a Fauji father, I can only say that it was a great pride to be a father of such a brave decorated army officer.”

In the poignant chronicle of Lt Col Natt’s resilience, Colonel Natt hailed his daughter-in-law, Navpreet Kaur, as an epitome of courage. Her unwavering composure and dedicated care for her husband, coupled with managing the upbringing and education of their daughters, stood as a testament to her unwavering strength in the face of adversity.

As the nation mourns the loss of a courageous officer who symbolized bravery and resilience, Lt Col Karanbir Singh Natt’s legacy remains etched in the annals of valor, his sacrifice serving as an enduring tribute to the unwavering dedication of India’s armed forces and their families.

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