The Goa Chronicles: Goa’s Top 25 Service Providers Unraveled. Goa Calling at No.7

The Goa Chronicles: Goa’s Top 25 Service Providers Unraveled. Goa Calling at No.7

This week we are going to discuss about “Goa Calling” a Goa Tourism Destination Management Company redefining tourism with affordable packages & Unique Experiences since 2010. Ranked at No.7 among Goa’s Top 25 Service Providers. In recent developments within the tourism industry in Goa, “Goa Calling” has emerged as a game-changer, redefining the travel experience for visitors with a comprehensive array of services. Functioning as a one-stop solution for all tourism needs in Goa, the company stands out by offering an extensive range of activities and complete travel setups.

Among its standout offerings, “Goa Calling” provides an enticing water sports package featuring popular activities like Parasailing, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Jetski, and speed boat rides – all bundled together for a wallet-friendly price of just

₹1300. Not limiting itself to water sports, the company extends its cost-effective services to Scuba Diving, island trips, Adventure Boat Parties, Dudhsagar Waterfall Trips, Dinner Cruises, and taxis, all available at the same attractive rate. To enhance affordability and time efficiency, “Goa Calling” introduces 2in1 combo and 3in1 combo options, further reducing costs for travelers. Keeping the quality seekers in mind they have exclusive Premium Service Packages where you give quality assurance with money back guarantee.

“Goa Calling” distinguishes itself by offering visitors a comprehensive package that goes beyond typical sightseeing. From alternative activities to a complete travel setup, the company is introducing a fresh perspective on exploring Goa. This includes a diverse range of experiences, from engaging with local communities to offbeat adventures, aiming to cater to a variety of traveler interests. The company appears to be emphasizing a commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. By collaborating with local communities, “Goa Calling” seeks to ensure that the tourism industry positively impacts both visitors and the region. The incorporation of eco- friendly initiatives and community engagement reflects a conscientious approach to tourism development.

“Goa Calling” positions itself as a hassle-free option for tourists, taking care of logistics such as transportation, accommodation, and activity planning. The intention is to allow travelers to focus on their Goa experience without the typical stress associated with travel arrangements. In a tourism hotspot like Goa, “Goa Calling” appears to be carving out a unique space by providing an alternative to mainstream travel. Whether this disrupts the established norms or introduces a more nuanced exploration of the region remains to be seen. Travelers looking for something beyond the ordinary may find “Goa Calling” to be an interesting player in the evolving landscape of tourism in Goa.

As the owner and visionary leader, Mr.Maharish A.Rajha brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective to the table. With a track record of success, he seamlessly integrates successful concepts from his other Tourism Destination Management Companies, Thailand Calling and Dubai Calling, into the fabric of Goa Calling. This infusion of diverse and successful strategies has added tremendous value to the company’s approach to tourism in the captivating state of Goa. As Goa Calling continues to make waves in the tourism sector, Mr. Maharish A. Rajha’s leadership remains a key catalyst for innovation and excellence. His commitment to responsible tourism, combined with a vision that transcends borders, positions Goa Calling as a beacon in the industry, drawing travelers seeking quality experiences in the heart of Goa’s scenic beauty.

By eliminating middlemen and fostering direct connections between tourists, tour operators, OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), and travel partners, “Goa Calling” stands as a beacon of cost-effective and quality-driven tourism. From affordable Honeymoon Packages to budget-friendly Corporate Group Tours, the company ensures that every traveler experiences the best of Goa without breaking the bank. You can reach Goa Calling through their website | Instagram ID @Goa_Calling_Deals | WhatsApp/ Call: +91 739-739-0005.

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