JollyHires’ latest features all set to break down barriers in the hiring process

Being able to look for candidates around you in close proximity is the best news a Recruiter will ever get!

Hiring the perfect employees for any company is of the utmost importance and very crucial. It is also an equally tedious, cumbersome and lengthy process, making employers desperate to find the right candidate. Giving in to this desperation, most employers turn to third party apps and people and end up with fools for employees. What must be done?

The next-generation Job Search app is what employers need to bid adieu to all desperations, fatigue, boredom, problems and endless headaches. It is the perfect combination of technical algorithms to support and get employers the most suitable candidate needed for the jobs within the required proximity.

Let us see why!

Map Talents all around you!

The best feature of JollyHires is that it showcases talents in areas where they are needed. It provides information on all the “nearby” candidates who are looking for the same thing that the employer has to offer. This location – based intelligence not only cuts down the process by half, but also attracts the perfect candidates to join your team!

How you ask? It is quite simple. The smart advance filters let you  add in the preferred location, pincode, area of attraction or desired km and lo and behold, you will be able to pinpoint the candidates, ALL ON THE MAP!

Curate your Company’s Digital Card!

You cannot expect a quality candidate to want to join you without letting them know what you got! This feature enables you to create a complete profile that lets candidates know more about you and your firm. From the address, to the vision, mission, endorsements and what not! Just go up and show off everything that you’ve worked so hard to maintain! The best part? You can share it digitally on all social media platforms.

Your personal Oracle!

The most tedious part of any job application is determining whether the candidate checks all the boxes required for the job or not. It definitely is. Leave it up to JollyHires to create a technology that takes all the pressure off. It has a Match Scorecard that very accurately analyzes each and every factor of the candidate and the job card and then interprets the match percentage after careful comparison. Isn’t that awesome?

Video Screening and Video Resumes

An interview is quite time consuming and heart shattering when one doesn’t get the desired or expected result after spending hours on it. The best way to tackle this is to know if the candidate suits the profile well enough to get a place at the table for the interview round or not. Keeping this is mind, JollyHires introduced the Video Screening feature that helps “filter the Quality of Hire.” The employer can send in questions and wait for the video answers from the candidates, saving ample time.

Smart Organizer and All Time Tracker

Keeping track of the schedule was never easier. The Smart Real-Time Tracker serves as an organizer for all of the employer’s activities and has a tracker that operates and alerts the user as needed.

If you’re a busy person who’s always pressed for time and finding the right team members seems like an insurmountable challenge, then you may want to give JollyHires a try. Currently, it serves the cities in Gujarat and has started out in Delhi and plans to expand pan India in the next few months.

We are sure this article helps to eliminate all questions revolving around “Why JollyHires?” and makes you focus on “Why not?”

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