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Where words fail, music speaks. And a guitar is more than a soundbox it is part of our soul. He is only his self when he has a guitar in his hands. Technically, He is not a guitar player, all he plays is truth and emotion. If we replaced guns with guitars, then the world would be a concert itself, And today, we brings you the Professional Guitarist and an Entrepreneur. Kiran Roy has played the guitars for many Bollywood songs, some of them which went on to become classics Pieces of music. Kiran Roy is a Humanist who is very well known for his philanthropy work and the Upliftment of the Marginalized sections of society especially Transgenders. Kiran Roy a budding ace guitarist all of 18 years of age used to perform at Rock concerts regularly with his band. Taking notice of his outstanding guitar playing abilities a few college students approached him to train them.

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Who is He?

Kiran Roy a blessed One was born on 27/10/1980 to K. P. Roy and Pratima Roy. Kiran was not alone to have fun in Childhood he had his brother Kuntal Roy and Sister Rinky Roy. Born in Mumbai. He received His holistic education from Swami Vivekananda High School, Chembur, Mumbai And graduated from Trinity College London. The 40years Professional Guitarist, Entrepreneur is also richly blessed with good height 5’8 and many more talents. A very good human Always understands the other human and Kiran Roy is also a great Human who understands everyone Like his The Zodiac sign is Scorpio. He dedicated his teenage years to rebelliously practising his guitars for sometimes 16 hours a day, even writing songs on his exam answer sheets as he never had much time left to prepare for his exams while studying music theory, ear training, composition and improvisation. His school work and soon college work suffered when he skipped classes and spent time with his guitar, all day long playing the guitar. And today Kiran Roy has his website: And is married to a beautiful one.

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Kiran started jamming with other young talented musicians and soon he formed and also started performing with his first Rock band R.O.T. After a few live performances itself, he had a steady stream of students lining up his doors to get trained under him. The seeds were probably sown somewhere out there. Kiran Roy is an electrical engineer by qualification and at the age of 16 itself started teaching guitars. Kiran Roy had started Guitar Hall which is India’s First Professional Music Training Academy in 1998 as an 18 years old teenager.

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In the year 2001, he had participated in the battle of the band’s competition at RAIT HORIZONS where he had won the best Lead Guitarist Award fighting amongst 42 bands from all over India. In the year 2007, Kiran Roy started his guitar factory in Kolkata where they manufacture guitars and supply them throughout India and the world. In the year 2008 Kiran Roy’s Guitar Hall became the largest chain of music academies and Guitar showrooms in the world with 26 branches all over India as far as Port Blair and Bhutan. In the year 2015 Kiran Roy became the first musician from India to be invited to perform at Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood. He was again invited to the same venue in 2019. Kiran Roy has been invited as a Guest of Honour and felicitated by the Topmost Colleges of India and also asked to give a motivational speech to their students.

Social Media Link

Facebook: Kiran Roy

Instagram: Untamedforever6

Youtube: Kiran Roy

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Present History

Kiran Roy currently is not travelling or performing he also personally conducts guitar lessons at his studio in Chembur. Kiran Roy is a humanist who is very well known for his philanthropy work and the upliftment of the marginalised sections of the society especially transgenders. Fitness has been his passion and he daily runs 10 km. Kiran Roy is a staunch Atheist who only believes in one Religion Humanity. He has been working hard to spread humanity and peace wherever he has been travelling to perform. In a nutshell, the guitar is his life and everything he does is related to guitars be it performing guitar, teaching guitar, manufacturing guitars, selling guitars or mentoring!

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Last lines:

He cleanses the worries and makes the music beautiful with his guitar.
He is a very kind human who stood up for many around.
He is Loving one who loves to serve humanity.
And that is none other than Kiran Roy,
To have someone like this in world is like getting a medal.
So do follow him and any help he is for you guys.
The perfect brave one he is.

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Kiran Roy standing up for respect and equality for the underprivileged sections of the society.

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kiran roy bio

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