Bigg Boss 15: Whoa! Karan Kundrra becomes the highest-paid contestant in the Bigg Boss lifting a whopping cheque of Rs. 4.5 crores

Karan Kundrra became one of the most loved and appreciated contestants of Bigg Boss 15. However, there is another accolade that the actor-host earned! According to inside reports, Karan Kundrra is not only the highest-paid participant of the year, but he is also the highest-paid in the history of Bigg Boss!

A source revealed, “Karan Kundrra boasts a massive fan following across the nation, and the audience loved watching him on screen. Owing to the same reason, Karan Kundrra lifted a whooping cheque worth 4.5 crores. No one in the history of Bigg Boss has touched this number before.”

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