Rahul Gandhi’s Declining Congress is Playing with Secessionist Political Rhetoric

“You will never in your life rule over these other people,” thundered Rahul Gandhi in Parliament the other day, with characteristic ineloquence. First of all, who are those “other people?” They appear to be Indians residing in the state of Tamil Nadu. And who is “you?” By all accounts, he was talking about the legitimately elected Government of India.

The apologists for Rahul Gandhi, who must have a full-time job on their hands, would argue that this is not how he meant it. When he spoke about a Union of States, he was merely highlighting the federal nature of our country. It is in the constitution after all.

 Before Rahul Gandhi assumes the mantle of a teacher, perhaps he should read the relevant article in full. India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States. I repeat; India, that is Bharat. In other words, the constitution does not bring India into being. It is an attempt by a group of men and women, with noble intentions, to give an ancient nation its current form. In his Discovery of India, Nehru records his sense of wonder at how common folks everywhere seemed to have an easy understanding of how we are one people.

I tried to make them think of India as a whole, and even to some little extent of this wide world of which we were a part. … The task was not easy; yet it was not so difficult as I had imagined, for our ancient epics and myths and legends, which they knew so well, had made them familiar with the conception of their country, and some there were always who had traveled far and wide to the great places of pilgrimage situated at the four corners of India.


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