“Ola Launches Parcel Delivery Service in Bengaluru, Using Electric Scooters for Eco-Friendly Logistics”

"Ola Launches Parcel Delivery Service in Bengaluru, Using Electric Scooters for Eco-Friendly Logistics"

Ola, the Indian ride-hailing giant, has expanded its services once again, this time into the parcel delivery market. The company has launched “Ola Parcel” in Bengaluru, offering to deliver parcels through its electric scooters. The move is seen as a step towards creating an all-electric logistics ecosystem in India. Ola has set a fixed delivery fee for its parcel service, ranging from ₹25 for a 5km delivery to ₹100 for a 20km delivery.

Bhavish Aggarwal, the founder and CEO of Ola, took to social media to announce the launch and said, “Launching Ola Parcel today in Bengaluru! Start of an all-electric 2W logistics ecosystem for India. ₹25 for 5km, ₹50 for 10km, ₹75 for 15 km, ₹100 for 20km. You can use it tonight onwards. Expanding across India very soon.”

Ola’s entry into the parcel delivery segment puts it in direct competition with other delivery services like Swiggy Genie, Dunzo, Porter, and Uber Connect, which are already delivering intra-city parcels in major Indian cities.

This move comes after Ola recently started operating electric bike taxis in Bengaluru, marking its foray into electric vehicle (EV) transportation. Ola’s S1 electric scooters are now available on the road as bike taxis in Karnataka’s capital. The pricing for Ola’s bike taxis is set at ₹25 for 5 kilometers and ₹50 for 10 kilometers, making it an affordable and eco-friendly option for commuters.

Bhavish Aggarwal also mentioned his plans for expansion, saying, “₹25 for 5km, ₹50 for 10km. Lowest cost, very comfortable, and great for the environment! Will scale across India over the next few months.”

Ola’s expansion into parcel delivery and electric bike taxis reflects its commitment to offering a wide range of mobility and logistics solutions, while also contributing to reducing carbon emissions through electric vehicles.

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