“Mumbai Airport Expands E-Gate Capacity to 68, Setting National Record”

Mumbai Airport Boosts Passenger Processing with Increased E-Gates to 68

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has taken a significant step forward in enhancing passenger processing by expanding its terminal entry points (eGates) from 24 to 68, making it the airport with the highest number of such eGates at the kerbside/landside in India. This development, announced on Tuesday, aims to triple the airport’s processing capacity and drastically reduce waiting times to less than one minute at the kerbside.

The increase in eGates is part of CSMIA’s efforts to improve the travel experience for both DigiYatra and non-DigiYatra passengers. By integrating advanced biometric systems and leveraging technology, CSMIA is committed to ensuring swift, secure, and seamless travel for all passengers.

The airport’s Digital Gateway program, which combines technology, process excellence, big data analytics, and design thinking, is at the forefront of delivering an exemplary passenger experience. The expansion from 24 to 68 eGates has been achieved solely through advanced technology, without the need for major civil works.

At Terminal 2 (T2), there are now 28 dedicated DigiYatra e-gates and 28 non-DigiYatra e-gates, while Terminal 1 (T1) features 6 dedicated DigiYatra e-gates and 6 non-DigiYatra e-gates. This strategic deployment significantly enhances the airport’s overall capacity and passenger convenience.

Furthermore, CSMIA is deploying an additional 118 e-gates at the pre-embarkation security check area at T2, further streamlining passenger movements and contributing to a seamless travel experience.

This initiative underscores CSMIA’s commitment to embracing digital innovation to meet the evolving needs of travelers and to maintain its position as a leading airport in India and globally.

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