“Himachal CM: Drunk Tourists to Get Hotel Stay”

"Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Initiates Friendly Approach Towards Drunken Tourists, Promotes Winter Carnival"

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has adopted a novel approach to handling inebriated tourists, declaring that the police will guide intoxicated visitors back to their hotels instead of detaining them. This amiable gesture aims to support tourism in the state during the festive season of Christmas and New Year.

During the weeklong ‘Winter Carnival’ inauguration in Shimla, the Chief Minister emphasized the significance of promoting tourism, especially during this bustling period. The government’s decision to keep hotels, restaurants, and dhabas open round the clock from December 20 to January 5 aligns with efforts to ensure tourists’ convenience.

Sukhu reassured tourists of a hospitable experience, stating, “The police will ensure intoxicated tourists are escorted back to their accommodations instead of confinement. I urge all visitors to adhere to rules and regulations.”

The Winter Carnival in Shimla showcased traditional folk dances, drawing widespread attention and praise from both domestic and international tourists. Overwhelmed with the festive spirit, tourists expressed delight at the bustling ambiance and vibrant cultural displays.

Ridhi, a visitor from Punjab, lauded the festive fervor, expressing, “This turnout is incredible! The Winter Carnival is a delightful experience, and the atmosphere is simply charming.”

Manish Agarwal, another tourist, echoed the sentiment, stating, “The traditional dances and folk performances at the Winter Carnival are truly captivating. We are thoroughly enjoying this cultural extravaganza.”

The carnival not only delighted tourists but also served as a platform for local folklore artists to showcase their talents. Rohit, a young traditional folk artist, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such an event, highlighting the regional artistry on display.

Joginder Singh Habbi, a folk artist, emphasized the importance of such platforms for artists post-pandemic, remarking, “This Winter Carnival serves as a crucial initiative to spotlight traditional regional arts.”

The carnival’s success marks a rejuvenation of cultural events after a period of hiatus due to the pandemic. As the festive and New Year season unfolds, the enthusiasm of tourists and artists alike resonates, signifying a spirited revival of celebrations and artistic endeavors in Himachal Pradesh.

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