A well-known Indian public figure, digital entrepreneur, and cyber expert, HARDIK DOSHI

It is surreal to know and learn about all those people and individuals who choose to cross boundaries in order to reach their highest potential and get nearer their goals and visions in their careers and endeavors in life. The world is filled with numerous such talented beings who make sure to do the “different’ by creating a difference in the industry they step in and make a unique niche for themselves as professionals and entrepreneurs in their respective sectors. Even amidst much competition, a few industries like the entrepreneurial world have always seen the rise of many such incredible beings over the years. Topping the list is one such passionate gentleman named Hardik Doshi

Many corporate and political party wants to hire him for their expertise in the field of digital technology. He also connected with Indian youth and giving best opportunity to join his team as intern. He believes that Indian youth is future of India that’s why he is giving maximum opportunity to youth.

Recently Mr. Hardik Bipinbhai Doshi introduced their dream project by name BHARATIZ GROUP in august 2022.

Many students from computer Er. And relevant field is in working n this project also.

On 15th 2022 august MR.Hardik Bipinbhai Doshi attempted and successfully registered his name in “WORLD GREATEST RECORD”

For opening the maximum branches under a program for data recovery and ransomware solution. He opened 50 branches on 15th august 2022 in his professional capacity as Digital Entrepreneur. The core work of the branches is to provide professional data recovery solution & free awareness training on cybercrimes like data information, protection, and recovery & ransomware solutions. He has achieved an extraordinary feat in the field of Research & Technology. He got recognition of his amazing talent & hard work.

Final year Computer engineering student Mr. Dhruvam Vatsalkumar Dave from parul university, Vadodara, Gujarat. He says “I am an engineering student pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science from PARUL UNIVERSITY.I joined as an intern with Bharatiz Group. Under the guidance of Hardik sir I have learned and evolved through time and currently I am Project Head of Data Recovery and Ransomeware Program. We with only one vision to work towards empowering young minds like me move forward. Bharatiz Group is soon coming with a program to employee 1 million youth across India in the Digital Sector.

Hardik Doshi professionally known as an Entrepreneur, Multimedia-cybersecurity expert, Influencer & Corporate trainer, Motivational speaker. He born on 24 Aug 1987 in Gujarat, India.

Many students and youth like Dhruvam dave wants to join hardik doshi sir’s team as member. Because their vision and project is very much interesting and it will boost Indian economy definitely.

When we had reached out to get his comments on the success he has achieved, Hardik said that all he has achieved comes as a result of his openness to learn and undertake new opportunities, i don’t turn away from any challenge I see it as a chance to explore a new terrain, an adventure of-sorts! By grabbing such opportunities I’ve been able to tap into so many channels of digital marketing and help out so many clients. Being a risk-taker is rewarding but I don’t advise anyone to take risks blindly. Assess everything, then make a decision never turn away anything without thinking.

In 2022 he decided to merge all business on under one roof and he introduced BHARATIZ GROUP he is Founder CEO of Bharatiz group. In upcoming time his group is going to launch India’s biggest ecommerce platform as well as unique service app. Bharatiz group mainly works in 2 segment. 1 is info solution (i.e. website-app development, digital marketing, tech solution, cyber security) 2nd is Film Production (i.e. script to distribution all facility on under one roof)

Hardik Doshi was born on a Business Background Family in Mahuva, Gujarat, India.

Hardik Doshi Is an Indian Entrepreneur, Influencer, & Digital Marketer who started his career studying side by side had a dream of having India’s highest paid individual for their service and start Group of internet based business. Along with his studies he started to guide variety of industries to scale their business, with his expertise in internet based business, digital marketing strategies, multimedia. He got lot of success in it now many corporate want to hire him and their group for their services.

Hardik Doshi professionally known as an Entrepreneur, Multimedia-cybersecurity expert, Influencer & Corporate trainer, Motivational speaker. He born on 24 Aug 1987 in Gujarat, India.

Hardik Doshi Has Established A Reputation As A Successful Entrepreneur And Businessman. He Himself Owns a Huge Followers Network on the Social Media Platform to share his experience, knowledge, technology updates, And Make sure His Followers have Valuable Information-motivation. He is committed to grow their group with ought having any godfather or financial help from outside And Spreading globally Positive-motivational vibes Through His presence on internet Platform.

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