The road to gender equality is still far off and constantly changing, especially when it comes to the complex relationships between gender, race, class, and sexual orientation. But the powerful and influential female voices of today offer us encouragement that we’re moving in the right direction. Here we share the inspirational real stories of five women who have won over circumstances to prove that they are empowered.

Inspiring Real Stories of Five Influential Women Who Have Won Over Circumstances To Prove They Are Empowered include the success stories of Tanu Grover, Madhurima Guruju, Kavita Misra, Mehjabeen, and Dr. Sansriti Johri.


No list of the most influential women of this century would be complete without the inclusion of Tanu Grover. This cute face from Punjab has melted our hearts with the glimmer of her empathetic eyes and the innocence of her tender heart. An inspirational icon to many, this gorgeous Indian novelist and poetess rose to fame when she etched her name in the annals of literature by writing books at a time when the whole world was breaking down due to the terror of the pandemic.

 Her book, ‘Could Love Be Forever?’ was published in 2021 and is seen as one of the most inspiring romance novels of the era. The pearls of wisdom hidden deep inside her words are incredibly soul-stirring and satisfying at the same time. By means of this love saga, she encourages each and every human being to sacrifice his all in order to reach the apex of success. She emphasizes that a man should never ever give up on his dreams and always move forth with a firm attitude.

The intoxication of her first work hadn’t even shaken off a bit that she published yet another book in the same year named, ‘Pure Pleasure – The Poetry Treasure’ whose title itself signifies that the verses in this book are a treasure of pleasure as well as knowledge. Many of her poems including From Hell to Heaven, Miracle in a Debacle, What Dost Thou Want Before Thee Die and My Heart’s Only Desire have been widely eulogized for spurring its readers into attaining the impossible in life. Highly respected for her literary repute, she has rocked millions of hearts with her penetrating insights into the matters of life and death.

An angel of love and hope, she has become a beacon of light for all the heartbroken souls through her sagacious words. Continuously striving forward to remove the darkness of depression and melancholy from every heart is her mission. Being a certified happiness coach, she often provides free humanitarian services to the masses in which she culls them out of their gloomy shells and encourages them to lead an active life where there is no room for stress. With a loving, yet disciplined approach, she has captured the hearts of all her students with her tenderness, empathy, affection and devotion.

Before becoming a poet, an author and a happiness mentor, Tanu used to teach English in Cambridge International School, Jalandhar. However, now she teaches at her own place. Her students love her as she teaches them not only English but the way to carry themselves through the bigger tests of life too. She is more like a friend, a mother and a motivational coach to all of them. Many of her students who are now well-settled in foreign nations still don’t tire of singing encomiums in her praise as without her apt guidance, they wouldn’t have ever cleared their IELTS exam.

An inspiring writer, a compassionate coach and indeed, a blessing to all! Need we say more?


With the release of “Musings on Life”, Madhurima rose to fame as an emerging poet. Her artworks related to an upcoming novel created a magnitude sensation amongst readers. However, lately Madhurima hasn’t been seen active around social media since the moment she had fallen sick due to Covid. Even after she yearned to maintain her social media handle active with the help of her family friends, the negative comments clouded all over her spirit which took a toll on her mental health.

Speculations have arose since then. Despite all that drama, Madhurima remained to be in cocoon prioritising her well-being at tip priority. But we took a dig out of her incognito and as she confide in us, she chose to divulge her plans post recovery from trauma.

“Many have been asking questions regarding my health but the truth is I preferred to stay isolated from toxicity causing my work ethics. Social media seems illuminating from outside but let’s not forget how tough it gets if one gets carried away by certain factors”

Madhurima is now focusing on upgrading her skills to contribute better write ups for literary art. Being a passionate writer, she has admitted that words have been slowly evading and the unnecessary chase to fame has been inclining to significant need. This direct pressure caused by excessive competition from social media had been increasingly challenging her self esteem at some point.

“I wasn’t myself. At some point I was even seeking validation from everybody by doubting my own skills. Eventually the worse  had come to light when I finally quit writing. Because social media is a platform where anyone has access to pass opinions on your work. Unfortunately even the amateur one gets to wear a crown. So I decided to quit. And I have no regrets doing that. The more you love your work only then you will be able to pour emotions on empty paper. Let the words bleed out of your agony, and relax don’t worry. People out there will read. As for me, even if I am able to lure a couple of readers, that can be a huge moment to embrace my struggles and push harder”.

Madhurima has been constantly under surveillance since the disappearance from social media. Though the lows she has faced so far, her adamant attitude of thriving the passion is remarkable. Madhurima has started a podcast where you will be hearing the musings of life in poetry style. As she is picking up listeners at a slow pace and with complete concentration towards novels the author thinks there is no time for further distractions and there’s no way of taking backseat. 

Despite having faced a plethora of health issues and had been deprived of support, the author had taken a stand for herself to recover.

” Nobody will be on your side. People got their own struggles to deal with. We need to accept and embrace the situations rather than clinging onto negative side. As long as I am here to write that is all matters” the poet concludes.

As the author and poet put an end to doubts,it is certain that her books will soon be releasing. With this we wish her good luck


Kavita Misra is a woman who lives life on her own terms. She is brave, bold and holds herself fully responsible for her decisions and never regrets them. But her present avatar has taken shape after a painful struggle that has transformed her into an independent woman. She was born in a well knit family consisting of parents and two sisters. The first 19 years of her life were filled with familial love and affection that can easily be termed as idyllic, till her mother, with whom she had a special bond and was the healer of all her pains, left for her heavenly abode. At this crucial juncture, her father donned the double role of a father and mother and tried his best to fill the gap left by her mother.

Then she entered the most unpleasant phase of her life. Little did she know that an event, her marriage, for which, like any other girl, she had nurtured romantic notions of conjugal bliss, would turn out to be a nightmare. After the birth of her daughter, she experienced the ugliest manifestations of patriarchy: contempt for the girl child, domestic violence, humiliation and mental torture. This was in sharp contrast to the ‘daughter is princess’ concept followed by her parents. Things came to such a pass that she had to literally escape from there in view of life threat to her infant daughter. She returned to her parental home and set about rebuilding her life as a single mother. She did not lapse into despondency, but tapped all her inner resources to stand on her own feet. Initially she took up a regular job for a few years and after she had some savings for survival, she gave it up to provide quality time to her daughter and father. But she did not sit idle. She worked as a linguistics freelancer, both offline as well as online, and this added to her experience. Bringing up her daughter, both as a mother and friend, has been the most rewarding experience of her life, and it was a unique joy when she did very well in her first Board examinations despite the death of Kavita’s elder sister on the eve of her exams. That her daughter is brave and focused is a matter of immense happiness for her. But all this was not possible without the unflinching support of her sisters.

Kavita is presently teaching senior classes in a prestigious School in Lucknow. She is not only a New Woman, as defined in current parlance, but a woman who has maintained ‘grace under pressure’ and has emerged as a woman who takes on life as it comes and surmounts obstacles with dignity in a male dominated society.


The corporeal world infatuates many. The marathon to be at the top and achieve material gains is the generic expectation and aspiration that inundates society in contemporary times. However, some people want no part in the ‘rat race.’ They strive to make the world a kinder and more empathetic place by spreading happiness and disseminating kindness. Mehjabeen is someone whose eyes glimmer with hope and whose empathy knows no bounds. In a world of trying to co-opt, coerce, and capture, Mehjabeen took the path less trodden up by being a devout social activist.  

As a landmark graduate, Mehjabeen always envisaged opening a school for underprivileged children. She vehemently worked to make her dream a reality and finally opened a school for the needy and disadvantaged. Mehjabeen has educated more than 500 kids from rural India, and her school acted as a highway for underprivileged and zealous children to pursue their education. Her journey at giving back to society was undulating, and there were several difficulties. But, where there is a will, there is a way, and Mehjabeen’s story embodies that sentiment. She says, ‘It was not easy to achieve what we wanted, there were obstacles, but we kept our goal in mind and never gave up.’ She opines that although the destination is sweet, the trials and tribulations of the journey should not be shunned and frowned upon. Instead, it is vital to learn from them and strive to become a better person.

Besides being a Good Samaritan, Mehjabeen is a stalwart figure in the mental health and psychologist, psychotherapist domain of various parts of India.

Founder of vision high mental health wellness.AIWA top 100 Award Rewarded as a excellence psychologist,women of substance network award rewarded as a changemaker

She is the Mental Health Ambassador for @counsel India, Member of INDIAN WOMEN HISTORY MUSEUM online worldwide freelance practice,and was recently invited to attend a global session on mental health.

Mehjabeen’s accolades are diverse and distinct, as she was awarded the Mahila Ratna Award and the International Women Icon Award in Sri Lanka. Even during the pandemic, the benevolent nature of Mehjabeen compelled her to help people, and she recently received the Madad Foundation Certification for Contributing to Covid Patients. Mehjabeen also provides seminars and sessions on mental health.

When she is not helping people or raising awareness about pressing issues, Mehjabeen indulges in writing. Her books – Self and The Lost Love Occur –were published recently and garnered many acclaims. Mehjabeen continues to dream big and wishes to keep helping people. She is a firm believer in empowering women and asserts that real social change can only happen when we educate our women.

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Dr. Sansriti Johri is a dynamic personality. Dr. Sansriti Johri is Group A Gazetted Officer with the Government of India. She is the Editor-in-Chief (Hon.) of SquarePetals Global Webzine & an award winning enterprising author. Dr. Sansriti Johri is a Member of the World Human Rights Protection Commission and the Founder of San Edification.

Dr. Sansriti Johri is one of those daring officers who has stood up against misdeeds and malpractices which she has come across, placing the country’s interest over her own career. At times she has highlighted the wrongdoings of men who were in quite powerful positions, consequently she faced hardships in her own career, but she did not give up.

Sansriti Johri has done her post graduation in Applied Chemistry from Government England College, Jabalpur (M. P.). She was selected by the Union Public Service Commission for the post of Chemical Examiner Gr. II in the year 2009 in the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs, Ministry of Finance, Goveof India. On her first posting at Central Excise & Customs Laboratory Vadodara, she found that her senior and the Laboratory Incharge had been issuing Test Reports of samples of Dyes for which the testing method was unauthenticated. This would affect the Dye Industry of Gujarat and it was of grave revenue concerns. She reported the matter to the higher authorities. This caused her big trouble as the Laboratory Incharge at Vadodara spoiled her Annual Appraisal Report grading due to a vindictive attitude. Still, Sansriti Johri did not succumb to any pressure. Sansriti Johri was soon made the Incharge of the Regional Central Excise & Customs Laboratory Vadodara and she was assigned additional charge of Chemical Examiner Gr I.

During her tenure as Head of the Vadodara Laboratory, Sansriti Johri designed a new office building for her Department at Ahmedabad, in coordination with RITES & Conchor. Her name shines out on the foundation stone of the building along with other dignified officers of Customs Ahmedabad.

When posted at Kandla, Kutch, Gujarat, Sansriti Johri nabbed an official who was asking for a bribe. He was caught red handed by the Anti Corruption Bureau. Sansriti Johri was honoured for this bravery by the Adhikam Mahila Group headed by Smt. Poonam Ben Jatt, Ex M. P. Kutch from BJP. Many newspapers flashed the news of how Sansriti Johri fought against corruption in the system. She also highlighted the incomplete Test Report being issued at Kandla Laboratory for Sugar samples, which was then rectified. Dr. Sansriti Johri is the only officer at Customs Kandla Laboratory who identified Aluminium dross samples as processed dross, which was otherwise being reported ‘other than dross ‘. Dr. Sansriti Johri took the efforts to stop the import of Aluminium dross which was powdered as such a product is highly toxic to the environment when used as fillers in buildings construction. Dr. Sansriti Johri has also given Technical opinion that Plastic Regrind samples are ‘transformed into primary form’ and this fact is for revenue concerns.

Dr. Sansriti Johri has never deviated from her path of righteousness, against all sorts of threats. Few months ago, she was being stalked by a Custom House Agent for getting a particular work done but Dr. Sansriti Johri did not surrender to the threats and reported the matter to the Department instead.

All these years she has been working hard to nullify the loss to the Govt / Nation & helped the Industry grow with the right practice, though this created hardships in her career but she doesn’t succumb to it.

Presently Dr. Sansriti Johri is heading the R & D Centre at Government Opium & Alkaloid Works Ghazipur, U. P. This is an all men factory and Dr. Sansriti Johri is having the confidence of her team to together deliver excellent results, with honesty & accuracy.

RASHTRA SARVOPARI* is the principle she follows in life.

Dr. Sansriti Johri is a multi talented. She is a visionary and philanthropist. She is keen on making available fruitful knowledge as she believes that people can lead an easy and happy life when guided right by means of knowledge sharing. She founded the San Edification, which is informative narration for a better world.

Her laurels are:

1)Awarded Doctorate of Literature by The World Human Rights Protection Commission.

2) Honoured with the International Women Pride Award 2021 by Star Awards.

3) Featured in Lifestyle Magazine with Celebrities.

4) Ex Member Editorial Board of Qualpharma International Magazine.

5) Editor-in-Chief of SquarePetals Global Webzine for 2+ years.

6)Ex Editor-in-Chief of Gyandeep Magazine.

7) Published Author of the books : Ripples, easeful liveliness and Healthy Lifestyle.

8) Founder of San Edification for social progression. Health & Personal Development podcasts available on Spotify, Amazon podcasts, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts. Video podcasts available on SquarePetals OTT.

9) Featured by The Head Story & Medium.

10) Awarded with Rabindranath Tagore International Prize for Art and Literature 2021.

11) Honoured with Indian Excellence Award 2022.

12) Awarded Nirgia Supermonpre award 2022.

13) Awarded as Glantor Top 100 Women Leaders of 2022.

Dr. Sansriti Johri is committed to working for the society & the system to the best of her abilities and, she has resolved to remain dedicated to her profession and the nation.

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