Sarita Suhas Khamkar Cyber Security Consultant and Fitness Diva is Touching new heights through her Endeavour

Sarita Suhas Khamkar Cyber Security Consultant and Fitness Diva

Sarita Suhas Khamkar Cyber Security Consultant and Fitness Diva is Touching new heights through her Endeavour

Sarita Suhas KhamkarDigital India is on a rapid boom with advancements in technologies and scores of governments-led initiatives to go digital, India has seen a whole new era in a digital arena. Thanks to the administration and all those backing this very age of transformation. However, this is a phase of transition, as India is shifting towards rather vigorous arena of digitization.

The world of Cyber Security in India is at its peak. Ever since several financial institutes have paved their way into the digital space and various e-commerce platforms, it has resulted in being very been a savior for all of us, serving as a perk for the institutions to remain in constant touch with their consumers.

However, there’s a negative side to the benefits. The more digital-centric it’s getting, the higher are the chancer of cybercrimes taking place. Hackers have been onto the most common and on-going techniques like data breach, phishing, password attacks and payment wallets are just a few to name. According to the latest reports by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), there has been an increase of 600 percent in the cybercrimes sector. As per Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report 2018, suggests that most lifestyle apps leak phone numbers and sensitive information and acts as an open platform for cyber criminals to perform their best.

Sarita Suhas Khamkar Cyber Security Consultant and Fitness Diva is Touching new heights through her Endeavour

One of the best tech personalities in India Sarita Suhas Khamkar is a woman who truly defines success owing to her hard work and passion at a very young age. With a background in software engineering, Sarita Suhas Khamkar has carved a place for herself in such a manner that now she is one of the prominent personalities having wide expertise in cybersecurity. Owing to her interest and passion, Sarita starting digging more into the subject until he developed immense knowledge and started noticing various flaws in renowned companies pertaining to cybersecurity. It all started while Sarita was using a google application and noticing a flaw in it were.

Sarita Suhas Khamkar was born on 26th August in Kolhapur and raised in Mumbai Thane. She completed her entire education in Thane. She completed her master in Computers and Delhi University. She has medals in running and badminton from local competitions and school competitions.

Sarita Suhas Khamkar recently got Award as Fitness Diva in Mrs. Maharashtra 2022. Presently, she is working as Cyber Security Consultant in Wipro technology. Working as Director in Fitness den by Suhas Khamkar Gym.

Being an entrepreneur, she runs her own gym. She is mother of 2 adorable kids and a wife of Mr. Suhas Khamkar. Furthermore, she is also cyber-security specialist wonder woman. We all seem to have a lot to learn from her. She also believes in her cultural roots.

She also enjoys her hobbies, which are working out, listening to good music, playing the guitar, hiking, and playing with children.

Sarita is true example of a women with various talents. She is best known for his services ranging from securing critical assets of corporate clients across sector like banking, finance, automobiles, and technology to involving vulnerability assessment ad penetration testing of web applications to thick-client applications, thin client’s applications, android applications, iOS applications, networks, incident response & recovery and digital forensics. She also holds understanding of the IT Industry.

One reason companies can’t find the experienced cybersecurity professionals they need: there just aren’t many tech pros who have mastered not only the necessary technical abilities but also soft skills. Sarita Suhas Khamkar is certainly the one-stop solution offering his expertise in cybersecurity whose enthusiasm, a high degree of adaptability, Strong analytical and diagnostics skills make her the best amongst his contemporaries.

While interacting with her she says “In future she wants to achieve Vice President Role in Cyber Security Domain. And want to build Social Networking, branding to various branded products, making good future for children” She Aims in learning new languages like Spanish and Tamil, She even dream to reach 1 million and work for NGO and motivate more women for fitness and give society.

Sarita further goes on to say, “Being a responsible citizen of my country and as a cyber-security leader, the power of alerting people against the wrongs is solely vested in my hands and I am going the best I can to make it safe world for people who aim to carry out their business smoothly on all platforms.

Her beliefs and contribution to the society have inspired many. The IT Girls seems unstoppable and has made it a mission to reach the horizon with honest hard work and dedication.

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