Is Malik Sahab the Most Technical Rapper from Haryana

Malik Sahab

Indian rap and hip hop scene has gone to another level since last couple of years. Malik sahab has emerged out as a most versatile rapper from haryana.

 Known for his rhyme schemes, Malik has done tracks with all sorts of flavor. His main genre is hip hop but he has proven his pen with commercial, love songs, sad songs and deep meaning lyrics too.

 Malik sahab, a rapper and writer from haryana has been doing rap music since more than half a decade now. He moved to mumbai after completing his civil engineering. Although he was always amongst toppers of his school and college batch and cleared IIT Jee exam, still He chose his passion i.e. writing and rapping.

Known for his unorthodox lyrical style and deep meanings, he has already achieved some accolades from the hiphop audience.

He is currently working on planning to release 8 tracks in next 6 months. Seems like hiphop in Haryana has been growing recently and Malik’s work in a track called “HHH” was appreciated too much. The track was a collaboration with KD desi rock which featured other haryanvi rappers as well.

After working with Bollywood singers like Aditya Narayan, Mika singh and music labels like Tseries and Zee music. Let’s see how it goes for him for haryanvi based music labels. His most recent hit haryanvi tracks were “Khapeetar”, “desi gang” and “semi god”. Listen to his tracks such as “PUNTER”, “BHAI TERA” and many more on spotify.

 Here are some links to his social accounts.




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