Razak Khan started Hud Hudi Transport Pvt Ltd

Razak Khan

Indian young entrepreneur Razak Khan recently started a startup coming to one side new industry. It is a private company; the name of the company is Hudhudi Transport Private Limited, in which Razak Khan is the largest shareholder with Hudhudi Transport as the CEO. According to sources, Razak Khan can also go to New York for company funding Many companies have made their mark in this industry, at the moment it has to be seen how much market this startup of Razak Khan is able to capture. Recently, Razak Khan had told in an interview that in the coming time, due to technology and many factors, there will be a big change in this industry which can give us benefits.

According to Razak Khan, transport business is a trust business, in which it is necessary to believe in the transaction of money, one customer is there in every business, but this time there are two customers in the business, which will be a big responsibility for us to handle both.  We have not seen any business problem till date which may be seen in this business in the coming time, I hope our team will try very strongly to take this Huhudi transport startup to the next level. This is what we want.  That in any circumstance we will help the customer in giving their full facility and the day will not be far when we will be just a few steps ahead of Unicorn India has a lot of technology which we will take advantage of which our target is the first fund raising which we need We have got offers from many companies but unfortunately the deal didn’t work out. We got an opportunity to pitch our to an investor from US who if successful, we can soon raise a huge amount of investment which will help us and our company Hudhudi Transport to scale up.  I will help a lot  I am very happy that our shareholder and board member has appointed me as the CEO of the company, I will fulfill such a big responsibility with my best efforts.

Razak Khan has also confirmed that he is going to bring many business models like import export as well as a tourist package and travel agency and franchise, at present, he will not launch a mobile app, at present, the normal service hudhuditransport.com in the coming time.  will be seen on

At present, the corporate office of Razak Khan’s company hudhudi transport will be in Gujarat, the register office is in Rajasthan.

Young Entrepreneur Razak Khan has previously been seen in important positions in many companies; once again he will give employment to many youth as CEO and will also focus on making their career.

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