Indian Moms Recommend Woke Seed Book by Ka’Ron Gaines to all kids and adults!

Indian Moms Recommend Woke Seed Book by Ka’ron Gaines to all kids and adults!

Recently featured in Outlook India, The Print India, The India Saga, US times now, Hindustan Times, and over 100 other prominent media features, USA based author Ka’Ron Gaines has taken a revolutionary entry into the literary horizon. The amount of love he gets from India is something he had not expected till he participated in Cherry Book Awards nominating his life impacting book Woke Seed Book. This proved to be a turning point in his journey to become the global literary sensation as we know him now.

Woke Seed is the story of a boy named Light. He finds himself on an unplanned trip to his Uncle’s house that leads to new friends, new fun, and new ideas.

Your young reader can enjoy the colourful pages, an exciting adventure, and the start of enlightened conversations.

Danna Love Illustrated and help edit Woke Seed with editor Monai Ward . Danna is a talent beyond measure specializing in creative writing, editing, and graphic designs.

Her debut book Hello Miss Leah is now available on Amazon also. She is the founder of Evol Designs Graphics and Danna Love Fashion.

On the occasion of Children’s Day, several Indian moms shared videos on Instagram recommending Woke Seed Book and I’m Just Like You books to children and parents.

They talked about the importance of such books and the impact they have on kids as well as adults.

Watch the videos here:

Ka’Ron Gaines is a global literary sensation based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. He created a world record by writing and publishing six books on the same day.

He is a popular name in literature and the Creator of the term Woke Seed and also the creator of a new genre of books called CIC – Child Illustrated Consciousness books. Gaines is a proud father, author, activist, founder of programs, and Creator of businesses.

He founded the Grades Is Money School Tour, Stop The Violence Music and Comedy Tour, The More than a Baby Daddy Fresh Start Program, Our Community Cleanup Crew, and Team Southside.

He is also a recording artist under the stage name “Mr. One God”. Gaines is the founder and owner of One God Clothing, which spreads the message of One Race, One Culture, One God through a fashionable art form.

He is a talented actor who has played in multiple independent films, some still in the process of being released.

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