Film maker and eminent photographer Rajani Aditya now steps into Film direction

The creative and artistic industries are filled with tons of talented beings; however, only a handful of them gain immense experience and expertise in these industries and go ahead in motivating and inspiring others around the world with their success. Among the many such self-made success stories, our attention was caught by one incredible and creative soul named Aditya Rajani, who believed in his visions to become an ace photographer, movie analyst, story border and screenplay writer.
Aditya is a last year medical student who wishes to join Whistling Wood , an university in Mumbai, to learn film direction. Apart from top notch artistic photographer, Aditya is a fine movie analyst, a story border and quality screen play writer.

This 23 years old photographer believes that photography is way to capture the world. He said “It’s just my way of manipulating the world into a mood or vision I have for it. Photography is my artistic outlet. With a press of the shutter, I can capture how I feel about a specific moment”. Being an introvert from childhood, Aditya found photography a medium through which he can express himself .
Aditya Rajani recalls that in his 9 years journey of being a photographer, he faced innumerable challenges, but that never dragged him away from his focus or goals. He kept moving on his path, no matter what, and kept achieving more momentum with each of his shoots. The true talent who lives in Rajkot, Gujrat has so far done several celebrity shoots and worked with actors like Digangana suryavanshi,Sanjay jain, Abhishek sharma and many others models . Many prominent and reputed newspapers like “I love Rajkot” and “Asian times” have published his work .
Being interested in movie direction, Aditya’s vision is to make his own movie and become salient movie director.

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