“Elon Musk’s Alleged Drug Use and Financial Ties Raise Concerns within Tesla and SpaceX Boards”

"Elon Musk's Alleged Drug Use and Financial Ties Raise Concerns within Tesla and SpaceX Boards"

In a recent report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), allegations have surfaced regarding Elon Musk’s purported use of “illegal drugs,” known to certain serving and former directors of Tesla and SpaceX. Despite concerns among some board members, the report claims that there has been no public action or initiation of an investigation into the matter. This revelation comes a month after the WSJ disclosed Musk’s use of several drugs, some of which are banned in the US.

Financial ties with shareholders have also come under scrutiny, with Musk and multiple directors at Tesla and SpaceX reportedly having money ties. Among the current and former directors on the boards of Tesla, Elon Musk has investments in entities linked to venture capitalists Antonio Gracias, Ira Ehrenpreis, tech magnate Larry Ellison, and former media executive James Murdoch. These individuals have reciprocated investments in companies connected to Musk and his brother Kimbal Musk.

Elon Musk’s connections extend to offering career support to some directors, including Steve Jurvetson, who faced allegations of sexual harassment in 2017 but remained a Tesla independent director until his resignation in 2020. The report indicates that Jurvetson had “deep financial ties” with Musk and attended parties where drugs like ecstasy and LSD were used. Furthermore, the report highlights Musk’s influence in pushing directors to allow Jurvetson an unusual leave of absence amid the controversy.

Regarding Elon Musk’s alleged drug use, the WSJ asserts that the billionaire has been involved with substances such as cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, magic mushrooms, and ketamine. Musk reportedly obtained ketamine by prescription for recreational purposes. The report suggests that individuals like Antonio Gracias and Steve Jurvetson also consumed drugs with Musk during gatherings.

Elon Musk has not yet responded to the recent report. However, in response to the WSJ’s article last month, Musk stated that he has been undergoing drug tests since 2018, and no trace quantities of drugs or alcohol were found. He dismissed the WSJ’s credibility in a social media post, asserting, “If drugs actually helped improve my net productivity over time, I would definitely take them!”

These revelations add a layer of complexity to Elon Musk’s image, raising questions about corporate governance, board responsibility, and the potential impact on the reputation of Tesla and SpaceX. The reported ties and alleged drug use may prompt further scrutiny and discussions within the business community and regulatory authorities.

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