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“Webingo” is an IT solutions company based in Kolkata, Co-Founded by Rishav Sadhu. As the development of the Indian IT Industry is seeing its all-time high boom it has led to the creation of more than 10000 startups that have been amalgamating technology in their processes. This resulted in a rise in the need for IT Solutions companies that can effectively lend a hand in enhancing the credibility of startups in this digital world. Seeing the potential of the market and the need of the hour Rishav Sadhu joined forces with his fellow engineering graduate Subham Raj Sharma to start their endeavor ‘Webingo’ and decided to make a name in the realm of IT Solutions with their advanced and productive approaches. Their well thought and applied services provide the best in website development, mobile app development, software development, digital marketing, graphic designing, SEO services, and other end-to-end IT services.

Rishav Sadhu says, “Being digital is no longer an option, it’s a necessity! You can’t dream of living your day-to-day life without being heavily influenced by the modern technology. From the morning newspaper to ordering dinner online, today everything is connected by the Web and available at your fingertips. That’s why I always look forward to making people in my circle as tech savvy as possible because it is the need of the hour and no one can deny it. One day it came to my mind why don’t I do the same for my country. If we want to have a developed nation then it is necessary that we make sure our country is completely up to date with global tech spheres. That idea was the seed that grew into Webingo.”

In the last decade, Indian IT companies have made their services available to the common citizens and moved them online. Being one of the best web development companies in Kolkata, Webingo is on its way to becoming the trail-blazer on this journey of helping brands and companies position themselves in the ever-growing digital market. And it can be said with no doubt that with Rishav’s guidance and vision Webingo will soon leave a mark in the industry.

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