Top 15 Deserving People in the Field of Writing – An article by Flairs and Glairs

Top 15 Deserving People in the Field of Writing – An article by Flairs and Glairs

Every writer is deserving in their own way, and deserves credit for what they have written.

But always, some are better than the rest.

Here we are, featuring 15  most deserving writers of India.

You will find below more about them, how to connect with them, and also some of their best written contents.

The 15 Authors include :

1) Debanjana Ghatak

2) Himani Mishra

3) Faij Ahmad

4) Dipika Dipak Roda

5) Prerana Jha

6) Anmol Singh

7) Lamiya Siraj

8) Zulaikha Shamrin

9) Mehtaz Nasrin Ahmed

10) Shalini Mary. M

11) Saurav Banerjee

12) Ritu Sachdeva

13) Sujoyita Pal

14) Priyanka Krishnalal Tiwari

15) Mohd Monis

Let us know about them Individually :-


Faij Ahmad is an officer under training at Shipping Corporation of India. Beside being a Naval Seafarer, He is an Author and compiler of 6 Books. He is honoured with two coveted records, India Book of Record and Asia Book of Record. He has also embarked his presence as Nazmkaar and has done several shows across different cities of Maharashtra.

Faij Ahmad, Comes from Bagaha, Bihar (The city of Tigers). He has received elementary and primary education from his hometown and later joined Sainik School Gopalganj for Further academic excellence. The Eldest son and noble descendent of loving parents, Sayeda Khatoon and Faiyaj Alam. His keen interest into writing has made all doors open.  With capacity of an Author and Compiler, He has done several initiative in the field of writing. His first compilation was about the cadets of sainik school. He made it happen by collecting 100 gallantry cadets from different states of India and engraved their writeups on first ever book on Sainik School. He also gave platforms to budding writers by publishing their writeup into a compilation named, “Words from the heart”. This initiative took a year and he collected 100+ plus unpublished writer from different chintz of Globe.

The community owe his remarkable contribution in the field of writing. Authors like him are justice to the literature and an ideal to every aspiring writers. You can connect with him on Instagram @shibbuahmed and on YouTube with keyword search  “Faij Ahmad Nazmkaar”.

Let us read one of his contents titled “The Bestower of Grace”

The Musketeers, The king

The Contender, The queen

Crowned Deeds and lousy state.

This is how, life’s been.

The truth are the sinners,

The poet and the listeners.

Unethical buckle and Pitiful sirens.

For the liers and the winners.

GOD is the giver.

And be Grace upon ocean liners.

The mermaid and falling Angels,

Are the pain-givers and the healers.

The fearless loser and unworthy winners

The aristocrats, The saints

Their mercy and the highness.

Truth is myth for scribblers.

The monkeys, The jailors.

The prisoners and truth sellers.

For a hero, I’m a gentleman of sin.

This is how life’s been.



Prerana Jha belongs from the City of Joy-Kolkata.You can also call it the city of art & culture & being it her birthplace she is a writer herself & has started her writing career 8years back.In the past 8years she has published four books of her own being “The Unforgettable 23”, “Never knew the Known”,”Mizaaj” & finally “Fallen Angel”.Also she has been a part of many anthologies.She was awarded with “Utkalika awards” for her upcoming novel aswell for “Best Content”.She was featured into Dailyhunt,Asia Times,Maxtern Media,Disrupt Magazine.

Let us read a content by her Titled ‘Waves’ –

Just like the sea touches the soul of the beach in waves…

I too see the ocean in his eyes touching my pains, healing my sorrows & with passing time making me fall for him again & again.

And Just like those High Tide giant waves covering the beach in his arms he too hugs me tight & i can feel that warmth and  lastly i realize that i too love him in waves full but fierce…!!



Debanjana is an ordinary girl with big dreams in her heart. She is an ardent lover of animals, Literature, music, photography, Nature and a strong believer of God. She loves to dream and enjoys dwelling in her fairytale land. She enjoys the tiny rays of happiness hidden in the smallest moments of life. She calls herself a believer and a dreamer. Professionally she is an English and Soft Skills faculty and has a great rapport with all of her students. She has already worked on 150+ anthologies as one of the co-authors. Debanjana also has a solo book, ‘Let’s Sing a Love Song’ published in 2017. Her second solo book ‘ Coffee, Music and You’ is going to launch very soon. She has won multiple awards for her writing skills, photography and painting respectively. You can follow her at Instagram: @dgwrites_

Let us read a poetry by her Titled “You Are Right There For Me Forever”

When my soul looks for a shelter,

You are right there to cocoon it

Within Your loving arms. When

My heart calls for love, You always

Answer the call with Your kindest

Words. When my eyes can’t see

Any hope or opportunity, You open

A new door full of sunshine and

Rainbows. When my soul seeks

Peace midst turmoil and chaos,

You smile and wipe every fear. You

Move your wand and sing a song of

Harmony. When I feel lost and lonely,

You come to rescue me not just once

But everytime my heart breaks. When

I need a friend to whom I can trust,

You stand in front of me with open arms.

When I feel rejected and unimportant

You adjust my crown and remind me of

My true identity. Lord, I need you always.



Hey This is Anmol Singh Mehta (@as_musicologist) From Punjab Patiala

I’M Music Artist And Writer

Thallasimia Worrier

My Music Define My Soul

Let us read a short poetry by him –

zindagi ko hum maut k

juye me har gye

aur reh gye khali haath mere

tu chod gyi sab chod gye

aur badal gye halat mere

sab to khtm ho gya

per baki kyu reh gye jzbaat mere



Saurav Banerjee, born on Sunday, August 6, 2000, is from Aligarh, U.P., India. He has completed his graduation (B.A.) in 2022, at Shri Varshney Degree College, Aligarh, U.P., India.

When he reached 17, in September 2017, he found his passion for writing and began writing quotes on YourQuote App, and joined other writing platforms as well.

Gradually, his passion for writing started to grow stronger and his writing skills also started to improve. Then, on July 6, 2019, he self-published his first book, which was a poetry collection named Words of Heart: English Poems.

And in November of the same year (2019), his write-ups got featured in 3 anthologies, and one of those three anthologies holds Vajra World Record. In December 2019, his writeup got featured in 1 more anthology.

As an author and writer, the year 2020 was quite memorable for him. In 2020, from February to December, his three more books came out and his write-ups got featured in 5 anthologies. And December 2020 holds a special significance for him because this was the month he became a national-level record holder, OMG Book of Records, on December 12, 2020. This record was given to him for his contribution to his passion for writing – for authoring 4 own books and co-authoring 9 anthologies, within just one year since he started his book writing journey, as of December 12, 2020.

He published his 2nd poetry book (5th, in total), Heart Rhymes: Poems During the National Poetry Writing Month, April 2021, on October 18, 2021. Earlier on January 1, 2021, he got featured in an anthology, too.

And in the year 2022, his write-ups again got featured in two anthologies, on April 30, 2022, and June 10, 2022, respectively.

So far, Saurav has authored 5 books and is a co-author in 10+ anthologies.

Currently, he is working as a content writer in a New Delhi-based startup, and alongside, he is working on his 6th book, which would be a poetry book.

You can explore his works and connect with him on any or all of his social media profiles from the link given below:

Let us read a recently written poetry by him titled “You Find You”

When you are walking alone

On the main road, feeling dizzy

Your eyes are not able to see anything, at all

’cause your vision suddenly blacked out

But you still keep walking, unaware of where you are going

And hope you will not get hit by a vehicle

And you have no one to hold your hand

No one to catch you if and when you fall

When, for a long time, you are emotionally heavy

And physically imbalanced, even just temporarily

When there is no one to pull you close and hug you tight

Right there, my friend, You find You

That You will remind you

Of all the battles you fought

And will cheer you up by saying,

“You will conquer this battle, too”



Lamiya Siraj is a freelance writer, blogger, and author of the novel “DESTINED TO HEAL WITHIN” & “DESIRE OR GUILT” based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

She is also the author of the non-fiction book “ONE STEP AHEAD.”

Her interests are as manifold as her experiences in life. She has held several various jobs in the past.

Her writeups have been placed in different publications in the reader’s and the letter’s column in renowned newspapers in U.A.E. & India.

She loves writing, reading, travelling, photography, blogging, and sports.

She devotes all her time to her hobbies. However, she loves spending time with her daughter the most. 

She has participated in various anthologies, short stories & articles in magazines and varied publications. As a result, she has received a lot of acclamation and recognition in terms of certificates, trophies & medals from many publication houses and award event organizers in a short time (to name a few NE8x, Fanatixx-Spectrum, AwardsArc, Firefoxx, Applause, etc.).

She never looked back and got famous with positive responses from all her readers, online bloggers, social media handles, events and awards organization companies, publishers, etc.

She has popular blogs on her website

Send her a note through her blog’s RSS feed or email at with your comments or suggestions.

She is more frequent in her response to readers on her social media handles at

Facebook Page: Lamiya Siraj

Instagram: @lamiyasiraj

Twitter: Lamiya Siraj

Let us read a short synopsis of her Novel: “Desire or Guilt”

His burning desires, flowing with emotions, led him to strive for anything beyond the ordinary…

The mission of enthusiastic, passionate Ryan was to be successful and leave the middle-class tag behind.

He was happily married to the girl of his dreams until Covid-19 happened and disaster took over!

His wife was a front-line fighter during the pandemic. He, with work from home in the lockdown, decided to join an online course to enhance his knowledge and skills and climb the ladder of success, adding a feather to his resume.

But little did he know that despite being madly in love with his wife, he would get attracted to his classmate during the course, taking his life upside down.

Would she be “His Lesson” or “His Forever?”

Check it out for yourself!

This is a story about “perfect people with imperfect situations…”



Mehtaz Nasrin Ahmed is a writer and poet by passion. She is an M. Sc in Applied Geology and an active participant of the 4th South Asian Geoscience Conference, GEOINDIA 2018.She loves travelling to different corners of the country to explore and observe rock exposures, find out the geology in it and taste the tradition of the locality. The vast experiences  of her travel, people, culture, traditions, food and nature has always led her to form various opinion on the ongoing world and she chose to pen down those right from her childhood. In this way she has collected a bundle of her penned down thoughts and opinions in platforms like Your Quote App, admiring the beauty of the moment.

Let us read an article written by her –

  Heard the voice of…

I heard the voice of a modest young girl of 14,Saira.She faced a problem. She was one among her 32 classmates in the school. But she finds her comfortable place in the school washroom where she stays for hours hiding herself from others. Saira liked to stay alone and found herself difficult in expressing or communication with her fellow mates, for which she was not friendly in her classmates eyes while bullied by others. One day a pshychologist visited their school where she held some sessions for the students. Soon the psychologist could understand Saira’s problem and advised her to attend some counselling sessions by the psychologist. Very Soon, just after a few sessions , Saira could overcome her problems and found her happy place in her class and classmates.

So, speak up about your problems when you need help.Well, there could be some of the same type around you, if you find any help them speak up their problems.



Mohd Shad (Monis) is an English and hindi writer and poet. He is also a life coach, personality developer and a motivational speaker. He is from shahjahanpur. He is a teenager and he love to influence teenagers with his quotes, poetries, writes, and from his words or speeches. In those days he is working on a book named “WO DAUR THA 2020TO2022” A pandemic book, is going to publish in next some days. He want to create his life as a professional writer and a motivational speaker. At the age of 18 he writes 100 of patriotic and Hindi, English poetries and also win hundred of awards for speeches.


Let us read a short content by him titled “Psychology says” –

Her insan chizo ko alag tarah se smjhta hai. Aap hr kisi ko Apne dhanche me nhi dhal skte ki wo apki zindgi me fit ho. Aap sirf koshish kr skte hain. lekin Aap kisi ko aisa nhi bna skte ki wo aapki psychology me fit ho. Mai kaheta hu aap apni ek alag duniya banaiye jha aapko khushi mile. Aap koi aisa banne ki koshish na kre jo aap nhi hain. Agar Aap kisi ke sath khush nhi hain to Aap ko us insan ke Sath rahene ki koi zarurat nhi hai Aap waise he bne raho jaise ho, Aap wo kro Jo Karna chahte ho,hazaro log apki zindgi me akar chale jaenge lekin sirf wo Jo apke liye shi hoga wo rukega apki zindgi me or wo apki psychology me fit hoga. Aap apne raste pr apne tariko se chaliye zindagi to yuhi ek din guzar jaegi to haste rahiye muskurate rahiye.



Dipika is a published poetess based in Thane, Maharashtra. She has taken part in various anthologies as a co-author. She also takes interest in chasing various art forms like music, singing, dance, paintings, flower arrangements etc other than writing. She is very positive and a polite person who believes in universal timings and spirituality.


Let us read a content by her titled “एक सुगंधित फ़ूल”

पहले खिलना और फिर

ख़ुशबू बन पसर जाना

कली से गुल बनना और

साथ मिल खिलखिलाना

एक तो जादूगरी उस पर

इत्र बन मदहोश कर जाना

कितना आसान है …

फूलों का यूँ ज़िंदादिली से गुज़ारना!



“To me,

Poetry is the confluence of

Words that breathe,

Emotions that bleed,


Thoughts that burn!”

Priyanka Tiwari had a poetic disposition and a flair for writing from childhood on. Her first poem was published in a newspaper when she was 8. She won her first national – level award in short story writing the following year.

Throughout her academic career, writing helped her strike a balance between her studies, extra curricular activities and her own mysterious & magical inner world.  Her vivid imagination as well as her overwhelming sensitivity to the world around her  found an outlet through the medium of words and verses. She used to frequently contribute poems and articles to local newspapers as well as to newsletters and magazines published by her alma maters. Though English was her preferred language for expression, she honed and developed her poetic skills in Hindi as well.

Advent into professional life and responsibilities temporarily took her away from her writing. A graduate in Biotechnology, she became  associated with the field of Human Resources- Organisational Psychology with time. Travelling, photography, reading, socializing and spirituality became her passions. Her photography work can be accessed on her Instagram account @pri_at_insta.

In 2020, however, when COVID-19 wrecked havoc all-over the globe and the whole world was thrown into a state of lockdown and uncertainty for almost two years, her own world also descended into chaos and stagnation. The pandemic-induced isolation, restriction and anxiety compelled her to seek solace in the world of Words and her romance with writing was rekindled again. She began pouring her heart and soul on paper, to navigate through the uncertain times. However, she couldn’t initially summon the confidence to showcase her writing work to the world. Her confidence received a major boost when her poetry “Fire and Brimstone” , which describes the grim reality and futility of warfare, was selected and featured by an international publishing house Inner Child Press International in their annual anthology – “Poetry – the best of 2020 : Poets of the World”. Thereafter, on New Year Day 2021, she won her first National level accolade for poetry writing, when her Hindi poem “अन्तर्द्वन्द की पुकार” was chosen among the best 10 works in Hindi, out of a total 7000 contributions from across the nation.

Since then, there has been no looking back for Priyanka in her writing journey. She has been a co-author in more than 30 anthologies – both national and international. She has also won a few more awards in poetry as well as short story writing, on a  national level. She also holds a BRAVO WORLD RECORD for her contribution to the anthology on women “Ek Naari Sabpe Bhaari”, published by the famous Flairs & Glairs publishing house. On International Women’s Day 2022, she was invited for a live poetry reading and exclusive interview on her writing journey and views on women empowerment.

Priyanka sums up her writing journey and passion for words in the following verses –

“Writing became my love,

When as a shy, withdrawn tot

I stumbled upon the Wonderland of someone’s imagination

Brought to life by Words –

Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids,

Fiery Dragons that kept vigil

Far-off magical lands

Where miracles never ceased…

My fertile li’l mind realized

How the potent power of Words

Would help me weave my own World

A far cry from the absurd reality of Adults!

And to this day…

Words keep my sanity in check

And reality in perspective.

Words are my weapons,

Words are my elixir…

And still they wonder,

Why do I lust after words???”



I am Sujoyita pal. I live in Kolkata at baranagar. I have completed my graduation in English from Calcutta university after that I have completed my masters degree in English from rabindrabharati university and after that I have completed my B ed in English from adyeapeath annada b. Ed college. Now I am doing a job as a data validation analyst post in a medical content platform and also I am preparing myself for government exams and also I am grooming myself and learning some of computer skills. My hobby is to write quote and poems. I am a certified writer. I love to doing net surfing or net searching.

Let us read a content by her Titled “Success and belief”

Success depends on our excellence

Success is an attitude

Success is an aptitude

Success is a reason

Success is an opportunity

Believe in yourself

Success is an ability

Believe in your ability

Your capability is your strength

Success is a destiny

Success is a journey

Success is a profoundness



Zulaikha Shamrin is a homemaker, an online tutor, a mother and a writer by hobby. She is proud of being featured as a co-author in couple of anthologies. Words are her way of venting emotions. She finds great solace in this art.

Let us read a content by her Titled “Moon and You”

You illuminate my dark hours,

But only at your convenience.

You make your presence so charming

That I forget you dont belong here.

You shine so bright on me some days and make me feel so special

You use the clouds on other days to shield from me,leaving me in despair.

These are the inherent nature of you O’ Moon,

Why did you let the others inherit it from you?




I am Ritu

Director of Ritzcoaching path to success with experience in life and wellness coaching ,Sales in banking sector and teaching. Most of the individual who has worked with me best describes me as a mindful entrepreneur with a competitive approach .My passion for coaching and my determination has contributed to most of my recent success as a entrepreneur.

The individual coaches under Ritzcoaching are leading a successful life and have fulfilled their goals in the life with passion and lots of productivity .I believe mindfulness in workplace is the key to success with 16 years of experience in coaching ,sales in banking sector and teaching .I believe work life balance is one of important skill which any human being needs to develop and I am here to assist you with that

Courses provided at Ritzcoaching

1.Spoken English and Hindi and wellness coaching

3.Handwriting and calligraphy

4.consultation regarding image transformation

5.Power key to success

6.Urban warrior



Shalini Mary. M is a student from Tamil Nadu who is pursuing her Masters in

English Literature at St. Anne’s Art’s and Science College, Chennai. She is a confessional writer and a bibliophile. As a budding writer this is a great platform to voice her opinion through her writings.

As a confessional writer she wants to make awareness of the many unspoken topic by being a part of the democratic society. And as a spiritual person, she believes in the chaos within one’s soul to manifest the great things in this


Let us read a content by her Titled “Realm of Love”

Bright dawn, twisted twilight

And gloomy night do respite,

But still recur back;

Why don’t you? as it is

as cosmos fiat.

We are just to and fro

Yet to bloom to glow,

Blaze a trail into the untold

Will docile together to unfold.

Fall through the rift of serene

Deep into the realm of love to gleam,

Time is merciless to keep us away

Recruit our soul for aeon and stay.



Himani mishra is a sweet, simple and super ambitious girl.

who started pursuing bachelor of arts, from subjects like psychology and literature.

Love learning new hard skills, listening Spotify, and other hobbies, continuously striving hard to improve.

She is 18 years old, working as a part-time content writer, canva designer managing alot at the same time!

Let us read a content written by her Titled “The importance of TALKING TO YOUR own SELF”

I have a very weird habit of talking to myself.  Now the question is “What I talk to myself?” I talk with me, I laugh with me at my own habits sometimes, I argue with me when I have any confusion. This is a little bit funny or you can say me crazy. But this craziness is important.

Many incidents taken place in my life which made me better than what I was. Those incidents made me realize that if you have this habit of talking to yourself especially from the very vulnerable  teenage when your brain suggest you different from what  YOUR heart suggests you always go in a right way because no one can understand you more than yourself but be honest to you.  I  always suggest people that once a day, just give yourself at least half an hour to talk to yourself on what you are doing is it right or wring? .

 A good way of introspection, truly!

Thank you for Reading and being patient throughout.

You can connect with us on Flairs and Glairs through Instagram (@flairsandglairs)or mail us on for your queries !

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