The Exploring Minds has announced the launch of the “EMPOWERING CHANGEMAKER AWARD.”

The Exploring Minds has announced the launch of the "EMPOWERING CHANGEMAKER AWARD."

Bhubaneswar, India – The Exploring Minds, in collaboration with The World Of My Thoughts and The Penning Horizon, is proud to announce the recipients of the prestigious “Empowering Changemaker Award.” This prestigious award, supported by more than 20 prestigious media houses, recognises 40 outstanding individuals from all walks of life.

The “Empowering Changemaker Award” aims to honour those who have fearlessly initiated positive change and have empowered others to create a better world through their remarkable work and dedication. These esteemed award recipients have been chosen for their trailblazing efforts that have inspired countless others to think beyond boundaries and bring about transformative change.

The following exceptional personalities have been felicitated with the “Empowering Changemaker Award”:

1. Nilakshi Garg: Nilakshi is a young and accomplished Indian best-selling author who has authored two books and written screenplays for 12+ short films. Notably, she is the owner of the content magazine “,” showcasing her passion for creative expression and literary endeavours.

2. Pankhuri Bhatnagar: Pankhuri Bhatnagar is a talented Lawyer, Writer, Model, and Social media personality. She has authored 250+ legal publications and has amassed a 25,000+ engaged Instagram audience. She tirelessly advocates for women’s empowerment and environmental protection.

3. Krisha Avlani: Established in 2017 and growing ever since, Kriations is a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blog developed by Krisha when she was just a college student. She has been featured in multiple publications and has recently won two awards in her field.

4. Dr. Ashish Kumar: Ashish is an internationally acclaimed Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Physical fitness instructor, and Health Educator. His achievements include consecutive gold medals at the World Powerlifting Championships in Russia and Thailand, despite facing challenges like a heart attack and open-heart surgery. He is a social worker as well.

5. Dr. Shashwat Johri: Dr. Shashwat is the CEO of SquarePetals Global Media Entertainment, Director of Neernidhi Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Ltd., and State Delegate for Gujarat for the Sambhav Initiative. He is a world record holder, a Karam Veer Chakra Awardee, author, and influencer. He recently launched his OTT platform.

6. Mughal Sadab Ahmad: Mughal Sadab Ahmad, 27, from Nowrozabad, resides in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He holds a Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has five years of E-commerce Business experience. Currently, he is the Director of Invaluable Indian Technology Private Limited and TMQ Outlets Additionally, he owns the Chisitiya Group Of Hotels.

7. Kavita Misra: Kavita, from Lucknow, has pursued diverse professions. As a teacher, writer, and motivational speaker, she navigated life’s challenges. Her journey turned adversities into blessings, making her an author and organ donor. Her numerous awards include the Hind Shiromani Samman, the Sahitya Ratna Award 2020, the Nari Shakti Samman, and many more.

8. Krishanu Banerjee: Mr. Krishanu Banerjee, a bilingual writer in Bengali and English literature, finds joy in writing despite being an elementary school teacher. He has authored solo poetry books like “Offspring,” “Manjari,” “Through the Twilight of The Heart,” and “Farrago”.

9. Tamanna Jindal: Tamanna is a renowned personality in Delhi. She is the founder of an NGO by the name of Shree Ji Club. She is a national basketball player. She is a Social Media expert. She runs a renowned company in Delhi by the name of Nexagem.

10. Jeegar Gorasia: Jeegar is an Event Planner and Designer, acclaimed for remarkable achievements. In 2023, Jeegar received prestigious accolades, including “Best Event Planner 2023 – Indian Women Era” and the title of “Dynamic Event Planner & Designer of the Year 2023 – Diva Planet.

11. Vikas Oberoi: Vikas Oberoi, Director of Brain’s Bee Edu, has personally achieved a landmark of 7500+ Successful Career and Relationship counselling Sessions. He currently has 70+ franchisees in three States and has been awarded multiple times for his motivational counselling style.

12. Deepti Anand: Deepti showcases her inspiring verses in the book” इतनी सी ख्वाहिश रखती हूँ ” available on Amazon. She has participated in many live shows like Social House and अखिल भारतीय कवि सम्मेलन . She was recognized in “The Top 30 Influential Personalities” and “30 Outstanding Personalities of the Year 2023”.

13. Dr. Ashish Nagar: Dr. Ashish Nagar is an accomplished NLP Master Coach, speaker, and founder of NLP Coaching Nexus. He has transformed countless lives. His programs, like “Hour of Power” and “21-Day NLP Transformation Challenge,” facilitate profound personal growth. Ashish’s inspiring messages make him a sought-after speaker.

14. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Nayak: Dr. Pradeep, a retired college Principal, is a newspaper writer, an avid reader, a humanist, has a passion for Indian songs, and above all, believes in Marshall McLuhan’s “global village” concept. He loves his motherland, India, and its pluralistic culture.

15. Ashima Syal: Ashima is an accomplished poet with two books, “Canopy” and “The Fragrant Fable.” She received the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Award. She co-authored six anthologies. Ashima’s poem on the “Himalayan Abode” was featured in the Kumaon Literary Festival 2019.

16. Eliyas Johnjoseph: Eliyas is from Tamil Nadu. His books include “Giant in the Ocean,” “Let it be,” “Eagles Soar,” and “Always.”. He has received many awards, including the Lift Award, National Book of Records, Nazrul Sahitya Samman Literature, Pride of India Honor, Aspiring Indian Writer, Best Writer of 2023, and Hope International World Records in 2023.

17. Harissh Ganesan: Harissh Ganesan, a versatile individual, is like the ever-changing staircases at Hogwarts. He adapts his heart, mind, and thoughts to the surroundings, possessing divine guidance. As a doctor, he surmounts challenges and aids the helpless. Harissh is a reliable and comforting companion to those who love him.

18. Prasad Babu Galla: Prasad Babu Galla, the enigmatic mind behind gripping thrillers and captivating articles. Unravelling mysteries one word at a time. Find him on Instagram: @author_prasadbabugalla. Published works include “He Was Murdered,” with pre-orders now open for the spine-chilling “Ten Little Dead Bodies.” Prepare to be spellbound!

19. Pranshul Sethi: Pranshul Sethi, a devoted and intelligent neuroscientist, delves into the intricate workings of the brain. His relentless pursuit of knowledge in neuroscience aims to unravel the mysteries of the mind.

20. Clochard (Firdous Alam): Clochard (Firdous Alam) is a versatile writer from India. With six ebooks available globally, he won awards like YS International and State Gem. Recognized among the top 30 outstanding personalities in 2023 by Webstory India. His instagram username is @clochard_

21. Dilraj Kaur: Dilraj is currently pursuing an M.A. in English and is an ardent writer. Her published book, “Treasury of Emotions,” showcases her talent. Dilraj’s writing skills earned her the title of “Winner of the National Book of Records” by Learningave and the esteemed “International Literature Award”.

22. Priyanka K. Tiwari: A co-author in more than 30 anthologies, Priyanka has won awards in poetry and short story writing on a National Level. She holds the Bravo World Record for the anthology “Ek Naari Sabpe Bhaari”. In 2020, her photography work was selected among the best 25 works from Gujarat by UNESCO.

23. Nishtha Trivedi: Nishtha is pursuing her graduation. She takes immense pride in being the daughter of Mr. Nitin Trivedi and Mrs. Arti Trivedi. With over 50 co-authored books to her credit, she has established herself as a prolific writer. Connect with her on Instagram: @_the_penned.thoughts__ and @nishtha.trivedii

24. Aastha Prasad: Aastha started writing at the age of 14. She had also received a silver medal and a bronze medal in the International Karate Championships. She received three international-level medals from Everyone Star Entertainment, Mumbai. She won “Spectrum Budding Writers Award” in 2021.

25. Himanshu Rawat: Himanshu is a passionate writer residing in Chandigarh. He finds joy in composing songs, microtales, and poems. Actively participating in various competitions, he has amassed over 800 certificates, marking his achievements throughout life.

26. Sonali Rastogi: Sonali Rastogi, with an illustrious one-year career, actively engages in multiple research projects. She has accomplished significant milestones, publishing one book and two book chapters in prestigious international publications.

27. Tanu Chaudhary: As an academician, Tanu is excelling in her field, making significant contributions to education and knowledge. Their dedication and efforts have yielded positive outcomes, establishing them as a valuable asset in the academic community.

28. Devyani: Devyani, from Rajasthan, is a Gargi Scholarship recipient. She is working as SME (QnA Expert) at Chegg in Anatomy and Physiology. She co-authored anthologies such as “Aisling Claire” while pursuing a course on Genomic Technology at Johns Hopkins University. Devyani also hosts the YouTube channel, Devyani Wonders.

29. Simran: Simran, a hardworking individual, possesses an infectious positive attitude that brightens any environment she enters. With a natural charm, she effortlessly earns the trust of others, forming meaningful connections.

30. Sibasankar Maharana: Sibasankar earned the prestigious title of “Student of the Year-2014” by LIC, India. In 2021, he achieved an impressive state rank of 108 in B.Ed. Additionally, he secured the 4th position in the inter-college quiz competition at Brahmapur University in 2016.

31. Prerna Sahu: Prerna is an active and energetic girl with a passion for embracing challenges and achieving results. She is currently exploring the world of web development and wants to showcase her creativity through this technology. She is passionate about photography and graphic design.

32. Anjali Singhvi: Anjali is an enthusiastic nyctophile who thrives on adventure and exploring new places. Her life embraces constant change, and she finds joy in interacting with new people, making her journey dynamic and fulfilling.

33. Sailesh Agrawal: An innovator immersed in ML and DL, Sailesh is spearheading his own startup while juggling internships at Aveti Learning and TeleCRM. He excels in both technical and managerial domains, successfully applying his AI expertise and demonstrating strong leadership skills.

34. Ankita Mishra: Ankita Mishra is a passionate aspiring writer, exploring diverse emotions and imaginative realms through her expressive words. She has actively engaged in various platforms, earning numerous esteemed accolades for her writings.

35. Barsarani Sahu: Barsa, an adventurous girl from Deogarh, Odisha, is a member of Scouts and Guides and NCC and a BSc student at Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology. She aspires to make a positive impact through sustainable development and environmental conservation.

36. Abhijeet Mandal: Abhijeet is a poet in Hindi. He is a 20-year-old guy from Nuapada, Odisha. He is the Poet of 16 Poems. His Poems were Published in the Book “One Last Time”.

37. Laxminarayan Pattnaik: Laxminarayan is a renowned writer hailing from Odisha and working as PR at The Exploring Minds. He is doing a B.Tech. in CS and IT at SOA University with exceptional talent and creativity. He has been a part of many Anthologies and articles that have garnered global acclaim.

38. Praveen Sahu: Praveen is a unique individual whose identity is shaped by diverse experiences, beliefs, and values. With distinct talents, ambitions, and personalities, their life journey contributes to growth and understanding.

39. Akash Singh: Akash, from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, is an UG student. He is the son of Mr. Anil Kumar Singh and Mrs. Sunita Singh. His writing journey began in 2020. He has actively contributed to numerous anthologies and is an active participant in CREATION KI SPRINTS.

40. Poojita Pattnaik: Poojita Pattnaik, a tech enthusiast from Cuttack, Odisha, is pursuing B.Tech. in CSE at GIET, Gunupur. She possesses exceptional technical creativity and extensive web development experience.

The media rights for this prestigious award are reserved by Archishman Satpathy, founder and CEO of The Exploring Minds; Dr. Lizelle Kenning, Senior Board of Directors at The Exploring Minds; and Cisia Kenross, Brand Ambassador at The Exploring Minds.

The “Empowering Changemaker Award” stands as a testament to the outstanding achievements of these 40 awardees, who have made an indelible mark in their respective domains, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and contribute to a better world.

Congratulations to all the recipients of the “Empowering Changemaker Award”!

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