Richa jaiswal is rising model from Bihar

Richa Jaiswal is an Indian model from Bihar. She is just 20 year old & already doing amazing in modeling. Richa completed her BA from the University of Delhi.

Like every other big model, hard work & determination is the key to success in the industry. Richa is also very hardworking & determined to do better & better in her work.

Richa’s dream is to be one of the best models in the industry & she is giving her best to do so.

To become a big model, hard work, perseverance, good looks, height etc is not enough. What you need is confidence in yourself.  Richa is very fit & confident not only in herself but also in her work. That saw her vision to become the best. 

Modeling is Richa’s passion & she also advises people to follow their passion & believing in yourself while following your passion until you achieve your goals. That’s what all successful people do in their life. 

Richa has a habit of dancing, playing basketball, bike riding & traveling because she believes only one skill is not enough to be successful in modeling but combination of some good skills. Richa is a rising model from Bihar.

To come from Bihar to become a model in Delhi journey was not easy for richa or anyone because when you come from a state like Bihar then suddenly shift to Delhi & struggling day and night for achieving your goals & dream life one should need courage to do these all things. According to Richa everyone’s journey is tough but how you face your obstacles & failures makes you successful. 

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