Miss Supriya Rathour,a Little Superstar from Kannauj won Mr and Miss up. Win 2022 Modelling Show

Supriya rathour

Supriya rathour is a very famous name in the film industry. Her real name is supriya rathour and her nickname is supu. She is a child artist by professional

Supriya is an Indian child artist who works in modelling shows etc. Supriya also makes reels and blogs which are very famous among people. There are many of fans who like supu reels and watch them every day. Supriya has many prestigious projects in the offing, including ones with good brands in the very near future. When asked to reflect on the driving force behind her success so far, Ruchi Supriya Rathour is very vocal and vehement about the fact that there is no substitute for hard work and there are no short cuts to success, without working hard!

Supriya rathour

If you believe that the sky is the limit then there can be no stopping. Armed with this belief, her good looks, talent and an ambition to succeed Supriya Rathour ventured into the acting and modelling industry. Born on 22th November, who start her career at the young age of 14. She set out to explore her avenues as an actor and model

You always heard this proverb, that age is just a number. This proverb suits supriya rathour, a girl with thousands of dreams in her eyes, and by her hard work, she made it come true. So in this article, we will be reading about Supriya Rathour which means we will be presenting an influencing Story of Supriya Rathour.

Supriya Rathour tasted success very early in her career when she was done Flipkart shoot, panting shoot, modelling shows and music video, after this success she was much sought after and many modelling assignments came her way. Very soon she became a well- known face in the modelling world with many prestigious brand shoots and TV and cinema ads. Her fame and talent also opened up other avenues for her who included, participating in TV discussions, starring in music videos, ads including cinema ads she has featured in various make up and fashion shoots too.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/official_supriya_34

YouTube = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGcAhCgGRKUTD1URJuMUOCw

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