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She is Komal Pandya. From Vadodara, Gujrat. She has completed PTC M. A B.Ed. and was a teacher for two years in a government school. She is a wonderful poet, writer, and dedicated person. She has a wonderful way of speaking thought, through which she has become a wonderful poet. She is interested in reading, writing, poems and exploring new places. She has written her poems in कुछ अनसुने शब्द. She has her wonderful poem page on Instagram komal_ni_kalam and on Facebook ” કોમલ ની કલમ”

Addiction of Life.

Life is all about an addiction……

Everyone has an addiction of someone.

Some are addicted by smoke.

Some are addicted by things.

Some are addicted by people.

And and and…..

Some are addicted by someone special,

With the worst feeling ever….

We never live life with ease, and so someone’s feeling has no words.

We don’t live nor we died

As we can’t feel the life.

Anyhow what can we do?

…. nothing …. nothing and …… nothing.

Yes, nothing because Life is such an Addiction.

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