“Mahindra Clarifies Airbag Functionality in Fatal SUV Crash in Uttar Pradesh”

Mahindra Clarifies Airbag Issue in SUV Crash that Led to UP Doctor's Tragic Death

Mahindra Group has addressed the controversy surrounding an FIR filed against its chairman, Anand Mahindra, and 12 other company officials in connection with the accidental death of Dr. Apoorv Mishra in Uttar Pradesh. The company has ruled out any airbag malfunction in the Scorpio SUV that the doctor was driving during the fatal accident.

Dr. Apoorv Mishra lost his life in an accident that occurred on January 14, 2022, while he was driving from Kanpur to Lucknow. Despite wearing his seatbelt, the airbag in the SUV did not deploy. His father, Rajesh Mishra, who had gifted him the SUV, alleged that the vehicle was not equipped with airbags and held the carmaker responsible for his son’s tragic death.

Following a court directive, an FIR was filed, with charges including cheating, criminal conspiracy, and causing death by negligence. This incident ignited public outrage and raised questions about the safety features in a vehicle with a price tag of nearly ₹20 lakh.

Mahindra has now clarified that the Scorpio S9 variant manufactured in 2020 did indeed have airbags. The company conducted a thorough investigation and found no evidence of airbag malfunction. They explained that the airbags did not deploy because the accident involved a vehicle rollover, which typically does not trigger the deployment of frontal airbags.

In a press statement, Mahindra & Mahindra said, “The matter is currently sub judice, and we are committed to cooperating with the authorities for any further investigation that is required. We completely empathize with the family and offer our deepest condolences to them in their grief.”

This incident has brought the safety features and build quality of vehicles into the spotlight, reflecting the growing concern about road safety in India. With a shocking record of road accidents, India reported approximately 4 lakh road accidents in 2021, resulting in 1.5 lakh fatalities, equivalent to 18 deaths per hour, according to a government report released in December 2022.

The case underscores the need for tighter safety regulations and greater awareness of road safety to reduce the alarming number of accidents and fatalities on Indian roads.

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