Kapil Sharma To Play a Food Delivery Rider In Nandita Das’ Next

Talk of chalk and cheese coming together for real and the latest example of that would be this news – Kapil Sharma & Nandita Das .Sounds so strange right? Considering, they belong to such varied genres in their body of work. But the actor will be back to movies with Nandita’s next venture. He plays a food delivery rider. Shahana Goswami will play his wife in the film, which is backed by Applause Entertainment along with Nandita Das Initiatives.

Talking about casting Kapil, Nandita Das says,

“The film attempts to make visible what’s hidden in plain sight. One day Kapil Sharma popped up on my screen. I hadn’t seen his show but I could see him wholly representing the common man, despite not being one anymore. I am certain he will surprise everyone including himself with his natural candidness. I’m looking forward to working again with Shahana, who is an amazing actor and person. And of course, in Sameer Nair I have found a true producing partner.”

Kapil Sharma is excited for the audience to hopefully see a new side to him with this collaboration.

He adds,

“I’m very excited about this not just because I’m doing a film but because I’m doing a Nandita Das film, who I’ve seen both as an actor and director. She has a very distinct way of looking at things and a keen eye for detailing, so my job as an actor will just be to do what she tells me.”Kapil Sharma with his wife Ginni Chatrath, Nandita Das, Shahana Goswami and Sameer Nair, CEO of Applause Entertainment

Sameer Nair, CEO, Applause Entertainment loved the idea and instantly decided to come on board as a producer. Infact, he reveals that this was first meant to be a short film.

He shares,

“Nandita first narrated the idea to us as a short film. We loved it so much that we actively encouraged her to expand it to a full feature. When we see our protagonist struggling in an indifferent digital order, what we witness is a man versus machine, but with a humane perspective.”

I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing Kapil in an all-new avatar and hopefully he will win hearts with this too.

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