We know the life is not stable it has lots of Ups & Downs. It is just because of the four fingers. As the size & shape of the fingers are different our life is also different where the four fingers are distributed in four phase of life.


In the first stage of life that means when we are born we don’t know what we are who we or even we don’t know who is our family but still we leave very happily because family is god gifted we don’t have any option to choose the family, like brother or sister, mother or father. We don’t have option.

But in the second stage of life means the second finger (Friends), we do have some options; like when we grow up we can atleast understand what is right & what is wrong. So we can choose the friend, who is good for us & for our future. Who helps during our needs. With whom we can share our problems & more. The important finger (stage) of life where a good company can makes a life & bad company spoils the life. It is on our hand to choose the option.

The third stage third finger of life which is the blind one which don’t knows any thing which don’t see anything just has to work without stopping and that stage is our working stage of the life means the colleague Which we get during our third stage of life (means the working stage), wherever we get the job that is our luck & the partners which we get good or bad is
also our luck. We just have to adjust & compromise with them or last option we get is to quit & find next job which is again different so again like family first finger, the third finger is also god gifted.

The fourth finger the last finger which is different stage of life where the enemy/Karma/health takes the major role in life. To make person an enemy or a friend is in our hand, but still we fight with the person and make them our enemy but instead if we solve the problem without fighting we would not have any enemy which is the best part of life but our mind and attitude makes them the enemy, the best example that I can give is when we were in school our parents use to scold us and tell us not to be with the bad person or not to be with mischievous person because we will get affected with them but today I will just tell you that if we get affected by playing or talking with mischievous person than even a bad person can be a good and disciplined person by staying with us.

In a normal way without a single finger we would find difficulty in working through our hands in the same way all the phases of life (family, friends, colleague, enemies) we would not able to servive.

That is what I want to convey to you all that it is not we who makes everything it’s a God who does everything we are just the puppet of god just pray him & work hard “everything will be all yours”

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