“Italian Pizzeria Sparks Debate with ₹1,300 Birthday Cake Cutting Charge”

Italian Pizzeria Sparks Controversy by Charging ₹1,300 for Cutting Birthday Cake

An Italian Pizzeria in Pino Torinese, Italy, has found itself at the center of a controversy after charging a customer 15 euros (equivalent to over ₹1,300) for cutting and serving a birthday cake during a celebratory gathering. The incident unfolded when Fabio Bregolato and his group were enjoying a birthday party at the establishment and decided to bring their own cake since the restaurant did not offer desserts.

To their surprise, when the bill arrived, they discovered an unexpected charge listed at the bottom for the cake-cutting service. Expressing his disbelief, Bregolato took to social media to share a picture of the bill, stating, “There were 10 of us, excellent pizza, and the service was well done, but… EUR 15 to cut a cake we brought ourselves was quite a style faux pas.”

Bregolato, who has dined out for over four decades, expressed that he had never encountered a situation where a restaurant imposed an additional fee for cake cutting. He maintained that he had informed the restaurant in advance about bringing the cake, receiving their approval to do so.

However, the restaurant defended its decision to charge for the cake-cutting service, arguing that it was a service that came with its associated cost. They pointed out that the charge was clearly indicated on the receipt, and taxes were paid on it.

The restaurant’s representative disputed Bregolato’s claim that he had informed them about bringing external food, emphasizing the risks associated with serving items they had not prepared. The establishment specializes in catering to individuals with celiac disease and food intolerances, which might explain their concern about external food.

“When he arrived, he showed us the cake and said, ‘Will you take care of it?’ Nothing else. We are not obliged to provide this service, especially because we risk serving something we didn’t make ourselves,” the representative clarified.

Furthermore, the restaurant noted that the cake was small, which required extra effort on the part of the waitress to cut and plate it for a table of 10. The representative highlighted that during this process, the waitress dedicated 25 minutes solely to cake service, which could have otherwise been used for other tasks.

This incident has ignited a debate over the practice of charging customers for cake-cutting services and whether such fees are justifiable, particularly when the customer brings their own cake. It serves as a reminder that dining experiences can sometimes be punctuated by unexpected charges, sparking discussions about transparency and customer expectations in the restaurant industry.

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