HDFC Bank to Temporarily Halt UPI Services on July 13 for Scheduled Upgrade

HDFC Bank to Temporarily Halt UPI Services on July 13 for Scheduled Upgrade

HDFC Bank has announced a scheduled system upgrade on July 13, 2024, which will temporarily affect its UPI (Unified Payments Interface) services. The bank aims to enhance its overall performance, capacity, and reliability through this upgrade, which will necessitate specific downtime periods for various banking services.

According to HDFC Bank’s statement, UPI services will be unavailable at two specific times on July 13: from 3:00 AM to 3:45 AM and from 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM (Indian Standard Time). During these periods, HDFC Bank’s NetBanking and Mobile Banking services will also be unavailable. Additionally, all fund transfer modes, including IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, HDFC Bank account-to-account online transfers, and branch transfers, will be impacted and unavailable throughout the entire upgrade period.

To minimize inconvenience to customers, HDFC Bank advises them to withdraw sufficient funds before 7:30 PM on Friday, July 12, 2024, and to plan ahead for any fund transfers. The upgrade is scheduled strategically during a bank holiday to reduce disruption. Customers are encouraged to stay updated by visiting the HDFC Bank website or contacting customer service for further details and updates.

Despite the service interruptions, customers will still be able to withdraw cash from ATMs using HDFC Bank debit and credit cards, albeit with restricted limits. Debit and credit cards can also be used for transactions at point-of-sale (POS) machines in stores and for online purchases during the upgrade period.

HDFC Bank’s proactive system upgrade aims to improve its technological infrastructure, ensuring better service delivery and reliability in the future. While some services will be temporarily affected on July 13, the bank has taken measures to minimize inconvenience and advises customers to plan their banking activities accordingly.

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