The Journey Of common man To Global Business Icon- Dr P Yuvaraj

Dr P Yuvaraj is the founder and CEO of the company diet for cure he is also a dietitian from India Hyderabad

Dr P Yuvaraj is the founder and CEO of the company diet for cure he is also a dietitian from India Hyderabad he is a national tennis player best-selling International author and black belt holder in Kung-Fu International. He have many national and international records and awards at the age of just 21.

Dr P Yuvaraj is the founder and CEO of the company diet for cure he is also a dietitian from India Hyderabad he is a national tennis player best-selling International author and black belt holder in Kung-Fu International. He have many national and international records and awards at the age of just 21.

The journey of Yuvraj from nobody to somebody

Dr P Yuvraj have done his schooling in Sri Chaitanya Techno School from 5th standard to 10th standard, and intermediate at Bhavan’s Sri Aurobindo Junior College. Since last 7 years Yuvraj have been dedicated his career to the sports which is called lawn tennis. He trained with the best coaches in India with C.V Nagaraj , Mr Suresh Krishna, MR. Anil Devera and Mr.Govardhan and many more.

He is a former Hyderabad district gold medalist and also they Telangana state third place bronze medalist and also and national represented player. He have also participated in many international tennis Federation tournaments.

Starting from the 10th standard itself he started researching and written a book called Supreme diet for super cure it almost took him nearly four years to complete the book and you know what the book became the international bestseller and he have awarded with best author of the year in India. So basically Yuvraj is from the farmer’s family at a certain point in the his life there was a huge financial crisis so at that moment he sold his books and with the amount received by the books he again continued his sports career toward tennis.

It was August 2019 . Mr Yuvraj went for a common tournament which held in the Adilabad district on August 3rd 2019, so after a win he wanted to explore the waterfalls, there is a small village so in that particular village  there are many kids who are just lying on the ground so he thought they were  hanging out with each other and their sleeping in the sun like playing etc.

But at a certain moment Yuvaraj have went near them and the kids were unable to even stand or even walk for a little distance so with the money he received as prize money of the tournament  he used the total money to test the kids in a hospital and after testing the results came like their hemoglobin is very low which is around 4 to 6%. At that particular moment yuvaraj was literally shocked.

At that moment he decided that he need to do something to the kids in the Adilabad district, so he stayed in Adilabad district for almost four months and started beginning his research and after 4 months he completed his research and he prepared a mixture of nutrients like a super food. After completion of his research and preparation of the food mixture he started giving his food product to the kids around 12 to 13 members of the kids and do you know what after one and half month the hemoglobin levels gradually increased.

After his research many media channels and magazines have come to interview him about his new way of treatment. Even the most famous Elite magazine from Australia begin to contact him and they came from Australia to India just to interview Mr Yuvraj about his research about his future development. So finally the elite magazine people have asked Mr Yuvraj to write an article in the magazine and he accepted it, and the magazine got published in more than 150 plus countries with his cover picture on the front of the magazine.

So after a while like two weeks later he started thinking like what is this what is going on in India only in Adilabad district there were almost 12 people who are suffering from malnutrition and many other diseases. Mr Yuvraj begin to start thinking about the present situation in India and all over the world.

So keeping that in mind he started a small startup called diets for cure private limited so here he is going to plan and dedicate his whole career to the people from India and from all over the world he started giving free nutrition Advises free Health camps in many districts and states in India about mothers nutrition and child nutrition pregnancy and many other illnesses like diabetes, thyroid etc. and the product which helped to cure anaemia which is also known as low hemoglobin also proved to be very useful during covid as many of the villagers used the product called the green blood and have recovered very well.

In 2019 Yuvraj have gone to Australia for a business meet. Unfortunately  there was a tennis match going on in that country so he just visited the Tennis courts and just a few knocks with some other guys and there was a person  he is a sponsor for a college so he just saw Mr Yuvraj playing and he recommended him like please study in our college will be giving you the free accommodation with 100% scholarship as you have many records to you.

But Mr Yuvraj have rejected and he just informed that I have a family in India so I need to take care about them then the person recommended like okay you don’t need to be here you can just take our course and you know it’s  five years course you can do as you are a sports person you can also do nutrition course which is about 5 years and then he was like ok it’s fine then I’ll be joining your college.

but how about the studies and education then every day from the 11th class he have started studying online from morning 1am to 4:30am for 5 years. But also he is been doing his degree in India which is called BSc food and nutrition in siitam college.

Finally he have got his certificate as a certified nutrition therapist. After receiving the certificate he began to give free diet plans for everyone for almost all one and half year from his company called diets for cure. He used to keep free Health camps and free Health educational moments and motivational speeches throughout India in many states and villages.

He nearly cured thousand plus people all over the India who was suffering from diabetes thyroid PCOS and many other health diseases only with proper diet and nutrition.

So he have done free service for the nation for almost 2 and half years and many companies have recognized his services.

He was also awarded with Bravo International Award for the best founder and CEO of the year and you know what? he’s the one and only Indian to receive the International Award.

Not only that MH GOV have given Doctorate for Mr yuvaraj for his research in the field of Nutrition. Not only Maharashtra government even Telangana government has given an honorary doctorate for Mr Yuvraj for his services towards the country.

So Mr Yuvraj is been donating 38% of his company products books and clients income to the poor and for the people who are suffering from malnutrition and many other health diseases not only in India from all around the world.

So after receiving two doctorates he became Mr Yuvraj to Dr. P. Yuvaraj.

And in the year 2021 he received Indian Icon Award in the hands of Chetan Sharma ji the former Indian cricket team fast bowler and present Indian cricket team chairman.

In the year 2020 1 December he have been nominated for an other national award from Global Business icons and he was awarded as outstanding dietitian of the Year.

And in the year 2021 from Times business icons he have been awarded for the best health care center.

In the year 2022 the central government of India have recognized Dr. P. Yuvraj services and his great efforts and research about nutrition and nominated him for the prestigious award called Arogya Ratna award it is an award which comes only once in a 15 years.

After 20 plus interviews and Journeys finally have been selected for the award and out of 300 members only 25 members have received the prestigious award and Dr. P. Yuvraj was one of them and he was the only young person to receive the award since many years.


1. First ever Indian Teen to receive Bravo international award for the best CEO and founder in United States of America.

2. Global award for the best dietitian in India

3. Best author of the year award for the book called supreme diets for super cure.

4. He represented from India in international magazines which got published in150+countries.

5. Global business icons award winner for the outstanding dietitian of the year.

6. Indian Icon of the year Award in the category of best health care.

7. Honorary doctorate.

8. Arogya ratna from central government of India.

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