Free Education Guidance and Health Check-Up, An initiative by Dr. Deepika Jain Co-founder vanishree Academy, Career Coach.

Free Education Guidance and Health Check-Up, An initiative by Dr. Deepika Jain Co-founder vanishree Academy, Career Coach.

In an inspiring endeavor to uplift and empower the youth, Vanishree Academy, under the visionary guidance of Member of Parliament Shri Shankar Lalwani, has embarked on a transformative mission called “Saansad Seva SANKALP.” This extraordinary initiative, “Seva hi Sangathan,” aims to provide not only education but also comprehensive health check-ups for school students. The focus is to equip the future generations with the knowledge and well-being they need to thrive.


In a world where education is often viewed as a privilege, Vanishree Academy stands as a beacon of hope, offering free college education to deserving students. This remarkable initiative aims to break down barriers and provide quality education to those who may not have had the opportunity otherwise.

One of the cornerstones of this initiative is career guidance, led by the visionary Mr. Akash Jain, Founder of Vanishree Academy. Under his expert guidance, students are introduced to a world of possibilities. They explore career paths in Mathematics, Commerce, and Science, gaining insights into the diverse opportunities that await them.

Mr. Akash Jain, with a wealth of experience and knowledge, passionately guides these young minds towards realizing their potential. His sessions are not just about imparting information; they are about instilling confidence and igniting ambition. As he shares stories of success and perseverance, the students are encouraged to dream big and work diligently to achieve their goals.


Understanding one’s strengths and aptitudes is paramount in making informed career choices. Here, Dr. Deepika Jain, Co-Founder of Vanishree Academy, plays a pivotal role. Through psychometric career counseling, she helps students discover their unique talents and match them with suitable career paths. This personalized approach ensures that students embark on journeys aligned with their interests and abilities.

Dr. Deepika Jain’s sessions are marked by empathy and precision. She understands that each student is unique, and their aspirations should reflect their individuality. By delving into their personality traits, interests, and aptitudes, she helps them chart a course that is not only fulfilling but also promising.


The world of FINANCE AND COMMERCE can be both lucrative and complex. CA. Shubham Hajare, an expert in the field, imparts invaluable knowledge about career opportunities in Mathematics, Commerce, and Science. His insights provide students with a roadmap to navigate the intricate world of numbers and business.

CA. Shubham Hajare’s sessions are dynamic and interactive. He not only introduces students to the theoretical aspects of commerce but also provides practical insights into the professional world. With real-life examples and case studies, HE BRIGDES THE GAP BETWEEN ACADEMIC KNOWLEDGE AND REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS WITH THE HELP OF REAL LIFE EXAMPLES AND CASE STUDIES.


The “Saansad Seva SANKALP” initiative is not confined to academic pursuits alone. Recognizing the profound connection between education and health, Vanishree Academy has incorporated a free medical checkup component. Dr. Shweta Ameria, an MBBS professional associated with ANS Hospital Rau, is the driving force behind this noble endeavor. Through her expertise, students receive thorough health checkups, ensuring their well-being as they embark on their educational journeys.

Dr. Shweta Ameria’s commitment to the cause is unwavering. She believes that “Healthy minds resides  in healthy bodies“, and she ensures that students are in the best possible health to pursue their education. Her medical checkups not only diagnose existing health issues but also serve as a preventive measure, ensuring that potential health concerns are addressed promptly.


“Seva hi Sangathan,” the underlying principle of this initiative, encapsulates the spirit of unity in service. It emphasizes the collective effort required to uplift the community and nurture its future leaders. Dharmesh Jagirdar, the organizer of this initiative, plays a crucial role in bringing together dedicated individuals and organizations to serve a common cause.

Dharmesh Jagirdar’s vision is to create a network of support and mentorship for students. He believes that collaboration among educators, professionals, and community members is essential to providing holistic empowerment. By fostering partnerships and collaborations, he ensures that the “Saansad Seva SANKALP” initiative can reach its full potential.

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