Founders Satyam Bhagwan Pandhare and Mandar Pravin Shekatkar Transform Web Development Landscape from CSMSS College of Engineering

Founders Satyam Bhagwan Pandhare and Mandar Pravin Shekatkar Transform Web Development Landscape from CSMSS College of Engineering

In the vibrant city of Sambhajinagar, a dynamic duo of tech innovators is reshaping the digital landscape. Satyam Bhagwan Pandhare, a 21-year-old final-year student, and his 22-year-old classmate and design expert, Mandar Pravin Shekatkar, have joined forces to create Zypp Builder, a tech firm that’s revolutionizing the industry from their academic home at CSMSS College of Engineering.

A Tech Revolution in the Making

Less than a year ago, Satyam set out on a transformative journey to make a significant impact on web development and design. Overcoming initial challenges, he persevered with determination. Leveraging the power of AI prompt engineering and an array of automation tools, Zypp Builder proudly introduces its flagship product – ZyppaiChatbots, a cloud-based WhatsApp automation and marketing software.

ZyppaiChatbots – Redefining Communication Dynamics

ZyppaiChatbots, accessible through both web and mobile platforms, boasts a remarkable set of features:

  • Bulk Messaging: Seamlessly reach a multitude of contacts.
  • Schedule Messages: Time communication for optimal impact.
  • 24/7 AI Chatbot: Deliver instant and intelligent responses.
  • API Integration: Connect seamlessly with G Sheet, CRM, and more.
  • Zero Message Cost: Efficient communication with no extra cost.
  • Auto Responder: Streamline responses for increased efficiency.
  • Multiple System and Account Login: Flexibility for users.
  • Business API: Tailor communication to specific business needs.
  • Auto Rotation and Delay Setting: Fine-tune message delivery.

Beyond Chatbots – A Portfolio of Innovation

Zypp Builder’s innovation extends beyond ZyppaiChatbots. Satyam has developed a WhatsApp number extractor for targeted business outreach and ‘WhatsApp Defender,’ a solution to evade bans from Meta platforms.

With a keen focus on international clients, Zypp Builder has created over 1,000 premium-themed websites using AI automation tools. Satyam’s expertise also extends to app development, with over 650 app source codes aiding developers worldwide.

Catering to Global Markets

Already completing 10+ website projects, Zypp Builder is currently collaborating on an archaeological history coins website with professors from MGM University. The project includes integrating a Virtual Reality interface for an immersive user experience.

The firm’s clientele spans various industries, with products worth over 8 lakhs catering to international markets. Notable offerings include VR business solutions, real estate VR, app developer packs, website developer packs, AI/ML-based ads, SaaS, social media assistants, and more.

Zypp Builder’s dedication to growth is evident through its developer pack sales on, a dedicated site for foreign clients. Satyam is also pioneering the concept of AI influencers for businesses, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to technology.

Amidst their academic responsibilities at CSMSS College of Engineering, Satyam and Mandar express gratitude to Natasha Patel, a supportive teacher, and Yogesh Bhosle, the Head of the Department, for their continuous support and encouragement. Their backing, combined with the Founders’ unwavering determination, has paved the way for this extraordinary journey from a college campus to the forefront of the tech industry.

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