Each Step At A Time: Spreading and Aiding the Hearing-Impaired Population of India.

Each Step At A Time: Spreading and Aiding the Hearing-Impaired Population of India.

As per WHO estimates, approximately 63 million people in India suffer from Significant Auditory Impairment. Roughly 60 % of this number are diagnosed, and even fewer number can afford to buy hearing aids. There is also a lack of audiologists in our society, especially in remote and rural India.

In fact, a vast population in India lacks the resources, funds, and know-how to initiate treatment of their hearing impairment. Further, this is a health issue that is seldom given much attention in our society; hence, there are fewer people to help or work around this cause.

Devyansh Misra, a young entrepreneur, has been working for this cause since his school days. From volunteering in local events that tested and fitted people with hearing challenges to participating in the Guinness World Record creation in Pune, India, that made history by testing and fitting a whopping 4,840 patients with hearing aids in just eight hours, Divyansh has been dedicatedly working and spreading awareness in this field.

Right now, Divyansh divides his time between running his entrepreneurship venture, Wishtown, and working as a project manager at Swaroop Charitable Foundation ( a body dedicated to catering to the underprivileged with hearing defects) as a project manager.

People need to wake up to the fact that hearing challenges are real and not just something they can sweep under the carpet. There is so much ignorance about ‘hearing impairment in society,’ and as it continues to be ignored, it leads to depression, dementia, cognitive disorder, and even strokes in severe cases.

Understanding the significance of this problem, various political bodies and individuals have extended their help and support to the Swaroop Charitable Foundation’s constant endeavors to help people deal with hearing loss. Every time we organize an event, we make it a point to give the benefactors proper medical assistance, the testing is precise, and the hearing aids are not mere handouts but are tested to suit individual needs. Contrary to popular belief that hearing impairment is a challenge faced by the elderly in our society, even children and young adults face hearing challenges. In these events, SCF conducts testing and fitting on children and teens who are struggling with hearing defects ( alongside adults) and helps them lead a normal life.

Recently, generous help from BPCL ( Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) has made a difference in the lives of these 300-plus families.

As SCF plans to impact more lives by organizing events in Baramati and Pune in Maharashtra starting on 11th Oct till 15th October, help is pouring in from many quarters; while some donate funds for hearing aids, others help out with volunteers and venue. Politicians Supriya Sule and Sarad Pawar are a constant support in these endeavors. In the past, Devyansh has worked in cities like Delhi, Noida, Karnal, and Kolkata, conducting similar missions.

In Delhi, he was part of a unique endeavor where computer training was given to underprivileged children under the patronage of the Lepra Trust.

On a personal note, with each successful event, Devyansh Misra is networking and helping people step out of their hearing constraints and live a better life.

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