“Bengaluru Resident Wins ₹1 Lakh Compensation in Lawsuit Against Apple India”

Bengaluru Man Wins ₹1 Lakh Compensation After Suing Apple India and Service Center

A Bengaluru resident, Awez Khan, emerged victorious in a legal battle against Apple India and an authorized service center located in Indiranagar. The Bengaluru city consumer court ruled in Khan’s favor, ordering both parties to pay him ₹1 Lakh in compensation, which includes the cost of the iPhone he purchased and compensation for the hardship he endured due to Apple India’s service issues.

The dispute originated in October 2021 when Awez Khan purchased an iPhone 13, which came with a one-year warranty. Unfortunately, soon after acquiring the brand-new phone, Khan encountered problems with its battery and speaker. He promptly submitted the phone to the iPlanet Care Centre in Indiranagar for repairs.

Expecting a swift resolution, Khan was surprised when the service center staff informed him that the issues were resolved and asked him to collect the phone. Upon inspection, Khan discovered that the battery and speaker problems remained unresolved. Frustrated by the situation, he raised the matter with the service center and requested a proper repair.

However, it took two weeks for the service center staff to provide an update, and their response was far from satisfactory. They claimed to have found a glue-like substance inside the phone and contended that the problems were not covered under the warranty policy. Khan was informed that he would need to make an additional payment to rectify the issues.

Having exhausted conventional channels of communication with Apple India, Khan resorted to legal action. He sent legal notices to the tech giant, but according to reports, Apple did not respond to his complaints. Subsequently, Khan filed a complaint of unfair trade practices with the Bengaluru Urban district consumer disputes redressal commission in Shantinagar.

In response to the legal action, Apple India’s counsel argued that Khan’s complaint lacked factual basis and described the damage as “accidental.” However, the consumer court upheld Khan’s claims and ruled in his favor. Apple India and the service center were jointly ordered to pay Khan ₹79,999 as compensation, along with an additional ₹20,000 to account for the hardships endured by the customer throughout the ordeal.

This case underscores the importance of consumer protection and the legal avenues available to individuals facing unsatisfactory service from corporations. It also serves as a reminder to companies to uphold their commitments to customers and respond promptly to address their concerns to avoid legal repercussions.

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