Aradhna College of Film and Art: Pioneering Creative Education in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Aradhna College of Film and Art: Pioneering Creative Education in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Bhagalpur, Bihar –

In a groundbreaking move for aspiring artists in Bihar and Jharkhand, Aradhna College of Film and Art (ACOFA) has emerged as the first and only film college in the region. Conveniently located near Kashyap Mart in Ramsar, just a stone’s throw from the Bhagalpur Railway Station, ACOFA has become the top choice for students eager to dive into the world of film and photography.

Since its inception, ACOFA has been dedicated to providing an innovative approach to teaching. With a variety of long-term and short-term courses, the college specializes in every facet of photography, from creative and organizational to commercial applications. This wide-ranging curriculum allows students to build robust careers in professional photography, the fashion industry, filmmaking, and acting.

“Our mission is to create a new generation of professionals,” says the college director. “We offer a comprehensive education in photography, filmmaking, and acting, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the industry’s demands.”

State-of-the-Art Facilities

ACOFA’s campus is designed to foster creativity and technical excellence. The college boasts spacious, air-conditioned classrooms, a multimedia projector room, a fully equipped B&W darkroom, a makeup room, and a high-tech lighting studio powered by Godox. The high-speed Wi-Fi and a 1,200 sq ft gallery space for exhibitions provide students with all the tools they need to succeed.

Learn with Fun

One of the standout features of ACOFA is its “learn with fun” philosophy. The institution encourages a hands-on, collaborative learning environment, where students work closely with award-winning faculty and state-of-the-art equipment. This approach not only enhances technical skills but also nurtures creativity and passion.

Building International Taste

At ACOFA, mastering the craft of capturing the perfect photo is just the beginning. The institution prides itself on pushing students to explore their creative boundaries, fostering an international taste and perspective in their work. This global outlook is what sets ACOFA apart, ensuring that its graduates are not just skilled technicians but also creative visionaries.

Why ACOFA Stands Out

What makes ACOFA different? According to its students, it’s the clear, practical quality of instruction and the supportive, no-nonsense environment. The hands-on classes provide students with the opportunity to practice every major genre of photography, filmmaking, and acting, with guidance from world-class instructors. Working alongside classmates from diverse backgrounds offers a life-changing experience, enriching their educational journey.

A Hub for Creative Minds

Located in Bhagalpur, the heart of Bihar, ACOFA leverages its strategic position to provide a blend of art and opportunity. The college’s proximity to the railway station and excellent auto-rickshaw connectivity makes it easily accessible for students from all over the region.

Join the ACOFA Community

For anyone with a creative mission and vision, Aradhna College of Film and Art offers the perfect platform. Whether you’re looking to become a professional photographer, filmmaker, actor, or editor, ACOFA’s programs are designed to meet your aspirations.

Contact Information :

To learn more about ACOFA, call +916202531930 or +916202531931, or email Join the pioneering institution that’s shaping the future of creative arts in Bihar and Jharkhand. Website :-

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