Amazon Customer Claims Receipt of ‘Fake’ iPhone 15,Without Charger Company Responds

Amazon Customer Claims Receipt of ‘Fake’ iPhone 15, Company Responds

An Amazon customer recently took to social media to express frustration after allegedly receiving a counterfeit iPhone 15 from the e-commerce giant. The individual, using the handle @GabbbarSingh, shared a photo of the purported ‘iPhone 15’, lamenting the absence of a charging cable and questioning the authenticity of the product. The post quickly gained traction, prompting a response from Amazon.

In the tweet, @GabbbarSingh tagged Amazon India and the seller, Appario, expressing disappointment at the delivery of what he deemed a ‘fake’ iPhone 15. Amazon Choice labeled the product, adding to the customer’s dismay. The post garnered significant attention, with users chiming in with similar experiences and concerns.

Responding to the tweet, Amazon acknowledged the customer’s complaint, expressing regret over the incorrect product delivery. They assured @GabbbarSingh that they would investigate the matter and provide an update within 6-12 hours. In their response, Amazon directed the customer to fill out a form to facilitate resolution.

Following Amazon’s instructions, @GabbbarSingh filled out the form and subsequently updated the thread, stating the completion of the form and requesting a return of the product. The incident, shared on February 23, quickly went viral, accumulating over 1.4 million views and sparking a flurry of comments from netizens sharing their own grievances with Amazon’s service.

Among the responses, one user recounted a similar experience of receiving an old Android phone packaged as an iPhone, highlighting the loss of money and lack of assistance from Amazon. Another user shared a disappointing encounter of receiving an empty box from Amazon after purchasing an expensive item, echoing sentiments of frustration and disillusionment with the platform.

Questions regarding the authenticity of the counterfeit iPhone 15 arose, with one user questioning the installation of glass on the device and the customer confirming its pre-installed status. Additionally, another user recounted a problematic experience with a delivery, further highlighting the challenges faced by customers in dealing with Amazon’s delivery and return processes.

The incident underscores the ongoing concerns surrounding product authenticity and customer service on Amazon’s platform. As @GabbbarSingh awaits resolution, the episode serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and consumer rights in online transactions.

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