“AirAsia CEO Faces Criticism for Shirtless Meeting Photo on LinkedIn”

AirAsia CEO Faces Backlash for Shirtless Management Meeting Photo

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes recently found himself at the center of controversy after he shared a post on LinkedIn praising the work culture at the low-cost Malaysian airline. While he expressed pride in the progress made by the company, his positive message was overshadowed by a photo showing him chairing a management meeting without a shirt and receiving a massage.

In his LinkedIn post, dated October 16, Fernandes wrote, “Was a stressful week, and Veranita Yosephine suggested a massage. Got to love Indonesia and AirAsia culture that I can have a massage and do a management meeting. We are making big progress, and I have now finalized Capital A structure. Exciting days ahead. Proud of what we have built and never have lost sight of the finish.”

The post received over 500 likes and sparked numerous comments, many of which criticized the CEO for the choice to hold a professional meeting without wearing a shirt and while undergoing a massage. Several individuals expressed their opinion that this behavior was deemed inappropriate, irrespective of one’s position as the chief executive of a publicly listed company.

One commenter remarked, “A grown man, who is the chief executive of a publicly listed company, conducts a management meeting with his shirt off as he gets a massage. Remove ‘who is the chief executive of a publicly listed company,’ and it is still inappropriate.”

Another individual wrote, “I’m going to assume that this meeting took place long after the workday was over and most of the office was empty (except a few C-level), but at least put on a shirt for the photo.”

Some also questioned the message being conveyed about work culture, with one person stating, “Yea, maybe this isn’t the best way to show off work culture. Don’t think you are giving the intended impression you hoped it would.”

Another commenter reflected on the potential gendered response to such an image, noting, “I am curious how this would be received if a woman or woman-identifying person posted a picture of themselves in this same position? What are we conveying here? No time for self-care? ‘Hustle culture,’ and ‘grinding’ are no longer part of the younger generations’ vocabulary.”

This incident has ignited a broader debate about the expectations and perceptions of corporate leadership, work culture, and the balance between professional responsibilities and self-care practices. It has also raised questions about how such actions may be received differently based on gender.

The controversy serves as a reminder of the evolving discussions around workplace norms and behavior, particularly in light of changing attitudes toward work-life balance and the role of leaders in promoting a healthy and inclusive work environment.

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