The Dawn of Nawazi Painting: Sahanawaz Hussain’s Artistic Revolution.

The Dawn of Nawazi Painting: Sahanawaz Hussain's Artistic Revolution.

Farakka, Murshidabad, West Bengal – May 28, 2024:

In the serene village of Tildanga, a quiet revolution in modern art has been quietly brewing, orchestrated by the talented Sahanawaz Hussain. Born on February 12, 2000, this young painter has already left an indelible mark on the art world with his innovative Nawazi Painting, a style that promises to redefine contemporary visual art.

Sahanawaz’s journey began in the modest surroundings of Tildanga, where his early years were imbued with a natural creativity that set him apart from his peers. His educational path saw him traverse institutions like Delhi Public School, Farakka, and Kendriya Vidyalaya, NTPC Farakka, before he graduated with a degree in geography from Krishnath College under Kalyani University. However, his heart was always with the arts, a passion that he nurtured alongside his academic commitments.

Emergence of Nawazi Painting

In 2019, at just 19 years old, Sahanawaz introduced Nawazi Painting, a form that would soon captivate art enthusiasts and critics alike. The name “Nawazi” is a nod to his own identity, signifying the deep personal connection and unique vision he brings to this art form. His paintings are characterized by vibrant colors and the use of geometric patterns—squares, triangles, rectangles, and cubes—interwoven to create intricate depictions of animals and birds. These patterns, bordered with colorful lines, invite viewers to delve deeper, challenging their perception and appreciation of geometric abstraction.

Distinctive Style and Mediums

What sets Nawazi Painting apart is its versatility and the mediums it employs. Sahanawaz’s works are not confined to traditional canvases but extend to walls, paper, clay pots, wooden crafts, bamboo crafts, and jute bags. The use of acrylic paints across these varied surfaces adds to the uniqueness of his art, making each piece a testament to his innovative spirit and mastery of his craft.

Recognition and Acclaim

The art community quickly took notice of Sahanawaz’s groundbreaking work. His Nawazi paintings have been featured in prestigious exhibitions, including the Bombay Art Society 2021 and the ICCR Kolkata’s Kajrai Art. These platforms have showcased his ability to blend abstract geometric expressionism with a vibrant palette, earning him accolades and a dedicated following.

Moreover, his contributions to contemporary art have been chronicled in “Drawings and Paintings in Fine Art” by Prakhar Goonj Publication, cementing his status as a significant figure in modern art.

As Sahanawaz Hussain continues to refine and expand his Nawazi Painting, the art world eagerly anticipates what he will create next. His journey from a small village in Farakka to the halls of esteemed galleries is a testament to his talent and determination. With each new work, he pushes the boundaries of modern visual art, inspiring a new generation of artists to explore and innovate.

In the vibrant colors and geometric intricacies of Nawazi Painting, one can see not just the essence of animals and nature but the heart and soul of an artist who dares to see the world differently. Sahanawaz Hussain’s art is not just a visual treat but a philosophical journey, inviting viewers to find beauty and energy in the patterns of life.

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