“P&G India Launches Rs 300 Crore Fund to Elevate Supply Chain Innovation”

P&G India Launches Rs 300 Crore Fund to Elevate Supply Chain Ecosystem

Procter & Gamble India (P&G India), the household brand behind products like Gillette, Whisper, and Vicks, has introduced the ‘P&G Supply Chain Catalyst Fund,’ a bold initiative with an allocation of Rs 300 crore. This fund aims to foster collaboration with external innovators and partners, with a focus on co-developing solutions that drive the company towards its vision of ‘Supply 3.0,’ an advanced and adaptive supply chain ecosystem.

The primary objective of the ‘P&G Supply Chain Catalyst Fund’ is to provide startups and innovators with a platform for co-creating tailor-made business solutions. This initiative places significant emphasis on enhancing the supply chain by incorporating key attributes such as agility, flexibility, scalability, transparency, and resilience.

LV Vaidyanathan, CEO of P&G India Subcontinent, expressed the company’s dedication to advancing its operations through supply chain innovations. He stated, “With the ‘P&G Supply Chain Catalyst’ fund, we are focused on co-creating innovative solutions that enhance the very backbone of our operations – the supply chain. We are confident that focused interventions in the supply chain will have a positive impact on our overall priorities, including constructive disruption and productivity.”

Coinciding with this announcement, P&G India is launching the sixth edition of the ‘P&G vGROW External Business Partner Summit,’ scheduled to take place from September 28 to 29. This summit serves as a platform for collaboration and partnership-building with businesses that can contribute to P&G India’s growth and innovation goals.

The ‘P&G Supply Chain Catalyst Fund’ initiative aligns with the Prime Minister’s Gati Shakti initiative, which underscores the importance of enhancing multi-modal connectivity for the efficient movement of goods and services across India. P&G India’s endeavor is geared towards strengthening its supply chain capabilities in harmony with this national vision.

This fund seamlessly integrates with P&G India’s ‘vGROW’ program, a unique platform designed to collaborate with a diverse range of entities offering industry-leading solutions. vGROW has already partnered with over 2,300 suppliers, including startups, small businesses, and large organizations, spanning various sectors.

Vaidyanathan emphasized the company’s commitment to disruptive innovation and better serving its consumers, customers, and communities. He noted, “With this fund, we have committed spends of more than Rs 1,800 crore to date in business solutions through vGROW. We strongly believe that a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo will help us raise the bar on constructive disruption and better serve consumers, customers, and communities.”

P&G India’s ‘P&G Supply Chain Catalyst Fund’ represents a significant investment in the future of supply chain excellence, innovation, and resilience, further solidifying the company’s position as a leader in the consumer goods industry.

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