Pankaj Bansal: Leading the Way in Business Diversity and Digital Excellence.

Pankaj Bansal: Leading the Way in Business Diversity and Digital Excellence.

A leading young entrepreneur, Pankaj Bansal juggles multiple businesses with special focus on digital marketing and PR services. With his sharp intellect and passion to make a difference, Pankaj’s entrepreneurial ventures are spread across various domains such as digital online campaigns, content syndication, manufacturing, e-commerce, packaging, event management and gold loan business.

While some businesses are inherited, much of Pankaj’s empire is built from the ground-up. There have been failures along the way, but most businesses continue to register strong growth. It is quite rare to see a young entrepreneur with capabilities to not just launch but also successfully operate such a diverse set of business verticals.

With his wide knowledge and progressive experience, Pankaj has also emerged as a guiding light for the industry and budding entrepreneurs. Pankaj has been widely quoted for his views on a wide variety of topics, across both online and offline media platforms. It includes online publications as well as print media. Insights and recommendations provided by Pankaj have helped entities to develop new perspectives and find practical solutions.

Pankaj Bansal – Entrepreneurial and Professional Engagements

  • Brightmoon Media Galaxy OPC Private Limited – Pankaj started Brightmoon Media a few years after his graduation from Kurukshetra University. This was after he gained relevant experience in the field, working as a Digital Marketing and Digital PR Consultant on a freelance basis. Brightmoon Media Galaxy is a leading digital marketing and PR services provider based out of Delhi-NCR. The firm caters to marketing needs of both domestic and international clients. Key areas of expertise include Digital PR, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), advertising, market research, public relations and content development.
  • – Pankaj has presence in micro blogging/vlogging world via and He also runs his vlogging YouTube channel at Newspatrolling is one of the trusted sources for getting unbiased news and stories from across the globe. is also the preferred choice for professionals, experts and artists to present their views and skills to thousands of readers.
  • Tathastu Industries – A leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging materials such as high-quality wooden pallets, wooden batten, wooden crates, wooden packaging boxes, wooden sleeper, wooden pine button and planks, wooden cable drum, plywood reels, hard board bobbin, plastic bobbin and cast-iron spacer bobbin.
  • Bansal Bobbin Industries – Pankaj handles key roles at Bansal Bobbin Industries, which is owned by Gaurav Bansal. Pankaj manages customer engagements, along with expanding the company’s presence across India. Bansal Bobbin Industries deals in wood cable drums, pallets, crates, wood boxes and various other cargo and transportation related equipment.
  • Bansal Dhatu Udyog – A leading Delhi-based manufacturer of bare aluminium wire, fine bare aluminium wire and bare aluminium conductor wire. The company is owned by Tarun Bansal. Some of the key products manufactured by the company include aluminium wire drawing, aluminium 7 wire conductors, wire conductors, twisted pole to pole wire, copper wire drawing, etc. Pankaj primarily handles customer relationship part of the business.
  • – An easy way to shop online for stuff like wood saw dust, bonfire wood, havan wood, AAM (Mango) tree wood, electrical wire, aluminium wire, etc.

Pankaj Bansal educational and professional background

Pankaj Bansal completed his higher secondary (12th) in 2006 from Delhi CBSE Board. Later, he joined Kurukshetra University, from where he completed his B-Tech in Computer Science Engineering.

Initially, Pankaj started his professional journey working with various leading digital marketing firms and PR agencies. It did not take him long to realize the power of digital media and understand its underlying concepts and complexities. After a few years, the passion to create something of his own prompted Pankaj Bansal to commence his entrepreneurial journey.

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