Mr. Mohit Chhabra : A Super Sonic Personality

Mohit Chhabra, a multi-skilled artist; Co-Founder and Director of Hallparty Pvt Ltd. He is the new inspiration for the budding millennials. Despite being born in a middle-class family, Mohit Chhabra worked hard to run his successful business venture. Describing his successful business experiences, Mohit says, when you launch something new and work for your brand, you must go through hardships to taste that great success. He started his musical journey at the age of 18. He has taken Lofi a step further as an artist by finding creative uses for plugins to curate a unique sound and identity of voice. He is an official YouTube artist and his channel name is “Mohit Chhabra”. He has launched his music on various huge music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, iTunes, JioSaavan, Anghami, Boomplay Music and Amazon Music.

Ok, Let us first tell you something personal about Mohit Chhabra. He was born on 14 oct 2001 and resides in Faridabad. He did his schooling from Delhi Public School. He is a scholar and awarded a medal by CBSE for outstanding academic performance and is one of the top 0.01% successful candidates with 100% marks in Computer Applications. He did his graduation from Delhi University and he was appointed as Sport President of Delhi University Student Union. He attributes his success to education and training as he has known the importance of education from the very beginning. Mohit Chhabra is a fitness freak. He believe that a healthy mind is a gift from a healthy body and a healthy mind fulfills your well-intentioned actions to fulfill your dreams, make policy decisions and lead you towards profit. He likes to work hard to make his body healthy and attractive. He has received many certificates and medals in bodybuilding. He is sponsored by Proathlix (an extension of Vestige) for his nutritional needs. His hobbies are cycling and playing football.

Mohit Chhabra has been making profits by investing judiciously in cryptocurrency himself for a very long time, he is a fine crypto trader. Mohit Chhabra says, I am trying to do something extraordinary, because no one asks the ordinary and he wants to inspire ordinary people to do something big. He further says, Only a man dedicated to ambition and discipline can bring himself and the people around him out of the quagmire of unemployment, the same work I have to do for the people. He released several songs which were well received by the people, He is best known for his hit Lo-Fi Mix9999 and received the verification badge from Spotify.

At an early age, the curious spirit of fulfilling his dreams and working tirelessly can be seen in him. Mohit Chhabra is the Indian who is going to shine on the horizon of success tomorrow on the strength of his hard work and dedication.

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