“Gujarat Resident Establishes Donkey Farm, Offers Online Donkey Milk at ₹5,000 Per Litre”

Dhiren Solanki, a farmer from Gujarat, has found unexpected success in the dairy industry by venturing into donkey milk production. With a farm housing 42 donkeys, Solanki has tapped into a niche market, selling donkey milk online at a staggering ₹5,000 per litre, a remarkable 70 times higher than the price of cow milk.

Solanki’s journey began with the pursuit of stable employment. Dissatisfied with the prospects of private jobs, he discovered the potential in donkey rearing, particularly in southern India where there is demand for donkey milk. Investing ₹22 lakh initially, Solanki persevered through a slow start, eventually finding clients in Karnataka and Kerala, including cosmetic companies that value donkey milk for its skincare properties.

The benefits of donkey milk are not just historical anecdotes. Ancient civilizations recognized its therapeutic qualities, with references to Cleopatra using it for bathing and Hippocrates prescribing it for various health conditions. Modern research corroborates these benefits, highlighting its similarity to human milk, suitability for infants with cow milk allergies, and positive effects on gut health, immunity, and diabetes management.

Despite the limited availability of donkey milk, its unique composition and health advantages justify the premium price. Solanki’s success underscores the potential for innovative ventures in the agricultural sector and highlights the untapped market for niche products with significant health benefits.

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