“Developer Announces Three-Year Timeline for Yeida Film City Construction”

"Boney Kapoor and Bhutani Group Unveil Ambitious Plans for Yeida Film City Project"

In a major development, film producer Boney Kapoor and developer Ashish Bhutani, winners of the bid to develop the Yeida Film City project, have presented a detailed project report (DPR) to the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (Yeida). The ambitious project, set to be built over the next three years, aims to provide comprehensive facilities to the film industry, ranging from accommodation for entire film crews to entertainment zones, a golf course, commercial and shopping areas, and more, all conveniently located under one roof.

The DPR outlines the Yeida Film City project’s phased development, with Phase I covering seven zones on 230 acres. Subsequent phases, 2, 3, and 4, will be implemented at a later stage. The entire project, spanning 1,000 acres in Sector 21 near the upcoming greenfield airport in Jewar along the Yamuna Expressway, is anticipated to become a prominent hub for the film and entertainment industry.

Key features of the project include an administrative and creative hub in Zone 1, complete with a signature tower, a theatre, an eco cinema center accessible to the public, and a film equipment mall. Zones 2 and 3 will house production studios, workshops, a film academy, and staff residences, while Zone 4 will facilitate transport services and production necessities. The subsequent zones, 5 to 7, will include film-related facilities such as merchandise shops, an information and booking center, a film university, a shopping mall, an IT hub, hotels, and service apartments.

The proximity to the upcoming Noida international airport is expected to be a pivotal factor in attracting filmmakers to the Yeida Film City, creating a thriving ecosystem for the industry. Once the necessary approvals from the Uttar Pradesh cabinet are obtained, the development process will commence, with the hope that the Film City will not only generate employment opportunities but also stimulate business activities in the region, according to Arun Vir Singh, CEO of Yeida.

The subsequent phases of the project, as outlined in the DPR, promise additional attractions such as a cinema-themed amusement park, virtual reality adventure parks, global filmmaking infrastructure, world-class education, and diverse outdoor sets.

Ashish Bhutani, CEO of the Bhutani Group, expressed the vision of creating a seamless experience for actors and producers, allowing them to access all required services under one roof. From ultra-luxury villas for accommodation to gyms, commercial spaces, and guest houses for the crew, the Yeida Film City aims to be a holistic destination for the film industry.

As the project progresses, it is poised to redefine the landscape of film production, education, and entertainment, offering a dynamic and integrated platform for the thriving Indian film industry.

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