AirOK’s Solution to Invisible Air Pollution: What You Need to Know.

AirOK's Solution to Invisible Air Pollution: What You Need to Know.

“Invisible Air Pollution” Many times we come across this word but unable to understand what exactly it means. In general people assume that air pollution is combination of tiny particles which are invisible to naked eye, so it is called invisible air pollution. But Dr Gary Fuller when he first mentioned this word, he didn’t mean in what usually people think, though there might be fact in that. If we accustomed to any environment our body tends to get adopted to that environment easily, the initial sensation will be soon become daily normal. For example, usage of perfume, living in banquet halls, office spaces etc are places and things we daily encounter. If use the same perfume for years we might not feel the same intensity we felt in the beginning, in the same way when entered any new building little sensation of odours will be felt the moment we enter soon or later that sensation will not be flet. So, the question here we need ask what is happening. Are we loosing or odour fading away?

Humans are accustomed to the new change and losing the sensation. In the same way when we talk about the pollution in our surroundings will not communicate to us through sensation which doesn’t mean there is no pollution but the opposite. There are many case studies I have encounter people who is to stay in so called clean environment but still getting effected badly in their 40’s with severe health issues related to breathing and lungs. which is a clear proof of invisible pollution effects in chronic way. Apart from that there is lot of misconceptions and misinformation been circulating about air pollution which make people to ignore the severity of this issue in their daily lives.

As it says in (Proverbs 4: 22) The Wisdom of Scripture Brings Health. So, as the clean air to longer life. AirOK being research oriented company with detail knowledge about the indoor environmental pollutant parameters. Have come up with robust solution in handling all invisible killers in most unique and efficient way. Hence need might not be felt through sensation, but the issue is real and need to be addressed with adequate solutions for a better and long healthy life.

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